Mum makes son’s friends sign a contract promising not to misbehave at sleepover

A mum has tough rules for sleepovers at her home (stock photo) (Picture: Getty)

A mum made her son’s friends sign a contract agreeing not to touch, tickle, complain or get naked at her house during a sleepover.

The youngsters are also not allowed to turn up the volume on their gadgets or the TV too loud or they will have them taken away.

If they adhere to the rules they receive a special brunch but if they fall short of the mum’s high standards they may not be invited back for another sleepover.

The contract states: "Touching/tickling of other people will result in immediate physical separation that could remain in place until pick up time.

“This means we keep our hands to ourselves and off of each other.”

A mum makes her son's friends sign this contract before a sleepover (Picture: Imgur)

Getting naked in front of others is strictly forbidden, with the note adding: "Changing of clothes will be done independently and in private space with the individual not in company of anyone else. This means no nudity in front of anyone else, whatsoever."


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The children have to agree they will be respectful in her home and have understood the rules.

The woman’s contract did not go down well when it was uploaded to Reddit.

A user wrote: “It must suck to be this woman's kid.”

Another person added: “That is completely insane.”

A reddit user also questioned whether the woman’s son would have any friends after the sleepover, saying: “This lady’s kids are going to have NO friends.”