Multiple big returns expected on WWE Raw and Smackdown Live


Bengaluru, Sep 20: WWE is looking forward to a breakthrough run to survive in the TV-rating war as 2019 advances to the fall. WWE Raw continues to roll on the USA Network for five more years to follow starting from September 30th. They have also acquired the rights to air the WWE NXT programming, as well as we can now consider this as the official third brand. Meanwhile, Smackdown Live will get more mainstream attention by moving into FOX from October 4th.
Several returns are expected to help these programs get more attention, as per the current updates. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, multiple top talents are patiently waiting to get back on TV upon the green signal. Drew McIntyre is one of them who has reportedly been dealing with a mystery injury that forced him to go through minor surgery. He is said to be doing okay who could be back in action in no time.
WWE had major plans around the former WWE Raw tag team champion unless he would have suffered a sudden injury. There were plans to send him into the main event picture that had to be changed, a few weeks ago. Check out more on this from,
"According to Tom Colohue, McIntyre was originally the favourite to win the King Of The Ring tournament and then feud with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.
However, WWE officials were forced to change plans when McIntyre informed them of his injury. This led to WWE pulling the trigger on "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt entering the Universal Championship picture and he's now scheduled to face Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship inside Hell in a Cell."

Meltzer also updated that The Usos are waiting to be back in the WWE when the creative team can insert them into a storyline. A set up has already been created on Smackdown where Roman Reigns is being man-handled by Harper and Rowan, the Bludgeon Brothers, regularly. Being the real-life cousins, the two Samoans must be running into the ring to provide backup to Reigns in the upcoming episode of Smackdown. But it remains only as a speculation, as of now.
The third name on the returning list is a former four-time world heavyweight champion, Sheamus. We have not seen him on WWE TV since a post-Wrestlemania episode of Smackdown. A reported neck concussion was the cause which forced the veteran Irishman to miss actions for several months. But he is getting ready to start the second stint of his career. His current goal is to achieve the Intercontinental title to become a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE.

Going by the following statements from, it could only be a matter of time that the Celtic Warrior comes back,

"The Usos are scheduled back somewhat soon. Basically when they have an idea to bring them back. Also in that category is Sheamus. He's been off and has spinal stenosis, which is not a good thing long-term for a wrestler. But he is ready to return and if a storyline is there, he would be brought back."

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