The multilingual web: 5 platforms reviving Hindi as a language

New Delhi [India], Sep 10 (ANI): In India, English has been dominating the internet for a long period of time.

However, there seems to be a shift in this trend with more platforms incorporating regional languages in their content.

Here are 5 platforms which have revived Hindi as a language:


The platform posts almost 6000 blogs per month, out of which 1000 are in Hindi. In fact, the platform has revealed that its Hindi page views have exceeded English and currently make up 50% of total page views. The unique platform that impanels moms to churn out relevant content for women also partners with global brands like Dettol, Dove, Nestle, which attracts the audience towards the local content.


Hubhopper helps brands target the right audience by streaming advertisements on selective, focused podcasts. To cater to its diverse audience, it offers easy, passive content in 5 languages including Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil, in popular genres like health, education, history, business, technology sports and more. Leading podcasts currently available on Hubhopper in Hindi include Premchand stories, Mahabharat, Retro Music, and Panchtantra.


Docsapp is a health-tech company that uses technology to assist doctors in providing world-class healthcare to the global population. Through the unique app, people can access specialist doctors in the country at any time using the app via chat and call. In order to provide its exceptional service to its diverse customer base, Docsapp provides its chat feature in both English and Hindi.


MoneyTap introduced the concept of 'Credit Line' (personal line of credit for consumers) for the first time in India. Through 'Credit Line', banks issue collateral and interest-free loans up to Rs. 5 lakh instantly. Considering its met linguistic customers, MoneyTap is present in 7 languages including Hindi as a major language.


Identifying the need for Hindi content to cater to its large number of audiences from tier II and tier III cities, the app also has a Hindi version. Through ConfirmTKT, travelers can sidestep the act of buying the tickets at railway stations and gives the unplanned traveler the edge by confirming IRCTC tickets through a mobile app. (ANI)