Multi-modal logistic centres essential to compete with China: Jayant Sinha

New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI): Union Minister of State for Aviation Jayant Sinha on Thursday said India's logistics sector needs to be drastically upgraded in order to compete with a smartphone manufacturing leader like China.

Addressing the India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit 2017 (IITLS) here on Thursday, Sinha said to put India on the global map of smartphone manufacturers, multi-modal logistics centers need to be set up at the regional and national level.

"The demand for smartphones in India is increasing by the hour. However, to compete with a superpower like China, more logistics centers need to be built using Greater Noida as the production hub," he said.

Drawing parallels to the contemporary logistic centers in Shenzen, China, Sinha asserted that it is crucial to develop India as a global; supply chain and ecosystem.

"The Amazon fulfillment center in Hyderabad is an example of how logistic centers need to built. We need more of such multi-modal centers," said Sinha.

Aiming to empower regional airlines in India, Sinha revealed that with a subsidy of Rs. 200 crore, 33 airports were developed within one year, adding that the ongoing measures will be taken across other cities in India.

Earlier in the day, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said the ministry is expecting IITLS to draw big investments of around Rs 2 lakh crores, including from the countries like Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong.

Additionally, the ministry plans to construct 10 Inter-Modal Stations which integrate various transportation modes like rail, road, mass rapid transit system, bus rapid transit, auto-rickshaw, taxi and private vehicle. (ANI)