Mulled Wine Is The Perfect Hair Color for Christmas 2017

Chethana Prakasan
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Mulled Wine Is The Perfect Hair Color for Christmas 2017

Are you planning to change your hair color? Try mulled wine hair color, which is the hot favorite of the season.

Platinum blonde has been trending for some time now but it is about to change. It’s December and you can feel the festivity in the air. It is the season of carols, freshly baked cookies, cakes, Christmas decoration and mulled wine. Christmas gives you a reason to sip this delicious drink made by simmering red wine with some cinnamon and orange. With its deep red color with a hint of brown, the mulled wine has its own fan following. It is the color of the winter season and now has become the latest hair color trend. Beauty fans from across the world are flooding their Instagram account with photos of their mulled wine locks. Yes, mulled wine hair color is the hair color of the season and we can’t get enough of this gorgeous, warm red.  Red has always had its appeal but this deeper shade sets the tone for the festive season. (ALSO READ Hair Style Trends 2018: Top Hairstyles That Will Be All the Rage Next Year).

Beauty bloggers are experimenting with the mulled wine hair color by adding a hint of violet and brown to make it multi-tonal.

The color is perfect for both darker as well as paler skin tone. If you have the dark skin tone, go for rich merlot, and if you have paler skin, you can try bright berry shade. It looks fab with your winter look.

The hair color is similar to red-purple hair color that you saw in the 90s’. It was a big trend back in the days and many celebrities, including Aishwarya Rai, was seen flaunting the color. However, with multi-tones and deeper color, it is the updated version and we can’t help falling in love with it.

The mulled hair color looks beautiful. Don’t you agree?

We already have mulled wine color lipstick and now we have the hair color. And these ladies with gorgeous mulled wine hair will convince you to get your hair done for the season.

You can also get a new haircut to go along with the hair color.

So, let the celebration begin! Take a sip of warm mulled wine and book an appointment to get the latest hair color of the season.