Mulayam Singh shows how serious our politicians are in tackling crimes against women

LUCKNOW: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh's highly insensitive remark on rapes on Thursday sparked a major controversy.

Speaking at a rally, Mulayam questioned the need for a death sentence for rapists, stating that 'few boys make mistakes and why should they be hanged.'

He further said if the SP government forms government at the centre, they will bring a change in law that won't hand over death penalty to rapists.

Questioning the death sentence given to three men, convicted of two gang-rapes in Mumbai, Mulayam said 'boys err at times.'

The gruesome 2012 gang-rape in Delhi triggered massive outrage across the country, which forced the Indian government to bring in stricter laws to enhance the security of women.

Security of women is one of the major issues for the 2014 general elections, and all the major national parties have made promises to enhance security of women.

Mulayam's comment on rapes not only shows him in poor light but also begets a larger question - how serious are our politicians in tackling crimes against women?