Mukhtar Ansari denied basic necessities in Banda jail, alleges brother

Priyanka Payal
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Mukhtar Ansari denied basic necessities in Banda jail, alleges brother
Mukhtar Ansari denied basic necessities in Banda jail, alleges brother

08 Apr 2021: Mukhtar Ansari denied basic necessities in Banda jail, alleges brother

Inhuman treatment was meted out to Mukhtar Ansari as he was transferred to Uttar Pradesh's Banda jail from Punjab last night, his brother alleged on Wednesday.

Afzal Ansari, Mukhtar's elder brother, said that it would have been better had his brother been shot during transit.

He claimed that Mukhtar, who suffers from diabetes, was denied basic necessities and a doctor.

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Allegations: Ansari was denied water, food for over 15-hours, alleges brother

Afzal, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP from Ghazipur, told PTI, "In over 15 hours journey, (Mukhtar) was not given water and food on the way and was also denied medical aid. Due to this, he became unwell and reached Banda jail in a semi-unconscious state."

He did not elaborate on how he got to know about Mukhtar's treatment during transit.

Allegations: Kept in an isolation barrack, claims brother

Afzal said that Mukhtar was denied food, water, and medical aid during his 15-hour journey.

"The Yogi Adityanath government has left behind Britishers by such acts. Contrary to the jail manual, Mukhtar has been kept in isolation barrack," he said, "It would have been better if (Mukhtar) was made to stand at some road crossing and shot dead."

Fact: 'Mukhtar given injection to put him to sleep'

Further, Afzal claimed that Mukhtar's blood sugar level and blood pressure have increased. "Instead of treating him, he was being administered an injection to put him to sleep," he said. "Those who have to protect laws are creating terror."

Government: Mukhtar Ansari would be tested for COVID-19 inside the jail

The Uttar Pradesh government said in a statement that Mukhtar was brought to Banda jail by a special team around 5 am on Wednesday.

No objectionable items were found in his belongings and no immediate health issues surfaced during a medical check-up, the statement said, adding that he will also be tested for COVID-19.

His health arrangements are being ensured, it said.

Security: Elaborate arrangements have been made inside the prison

Prison ADG Anand Kumar said strict instructions have been given for round-the-clock security to Mukhtar, who will be kept in barrack number 16 under 14-hour camera surveillance.

Banda jail is covered with CCTV cameras and is being monitored by senior officers from the jail headquarter command center in Lucknow.

An additional force of PAC has been deployed for the jail's outer security.

Background: Mukhtar faces 52 cases in UP: Police

The UP Police had taken custody of Mukhtar from Punjab's Ropar jail, where he had been lodged since January 2019 in connection with an extortion case.

According to the UP Police, he faces 52 cases in the state (15 undergoing trial).

His wife, Afshan, has moved the Supreme Court seeking directions to authorities to ensure Mukhtar's protection. The plea will be heard on Friday.