'How Much for a Slave': School Teacher Sent on Leave for 'Culturally Insensitive' Question in Class Test

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An elementary school teacher in the United States has been sent on leave amidst the outrage after she gave a question in a worksheet to class 5 students which said, ‘set your price for a slave.’

The incident occurred in Blades Elementary School. The hint for the question that the teacher has asked is "These could be worth a lot." It is not strange that the parents were not okay with the question that was asked and raised the matter with the authorities of the school.

As per a report published in The Washington Post, Jeremy Booker, the principal of the school wrote a letter to the families in which he assured them that he is working with school district officials to give cultural bias training to every teacher and staff member in the school. Moreover, the principal has also written a letter to the community in which he has apologised for the "culturally insensitive" assignment.

A Facebook user, Lee Hart who claims to be a friend of the parent of a child studying in class 5 of Blades Elementary School, posted a picture of the worksheet on the platform asserting that the question asked is not acceptable and is wrong on multiple levels.

In the post, he said, “A friend of mine's child brought this home from Blades Elementary School, 5th grade. It is so wrong on so many levels. What do you think the plan of action should be? This was supposedly a westward expansion lesson. Some were given food, wood, water, and...slaves!!!!!!!!!!!,"