MTV Rejects the biggest Reality Show begins on MTV Reality Stars

India, April 2 -- This mega episode of the series will bring twists, turns, gossip and a lot more drama on MTV Reality Stars, Saturday 6th April @6.30pm... This episode of MTV Reality Stars will see the commencement of the season's biggest reality show MTV Rejects, which is set to find the most untalented and rejected person in the country.

Kuldeep and Zameer have qualified for the show and they are to be seen in the first episode of MTV Rejects. Krish promises Zameer that he will be voted out at the end of this episode. All excitement and fun begins as the show goes on air. But things always do not go as planned. Twists, drama and gossip begin and the game goes on..

The episode will see how struggling models, actors and even others yearn to be a part of reality shows and will unfold the drama that goes inside a reality show house.

Will Zameer be voted out at the end of this episode of MTV Rejects? Stay tuned to find out on MTV Reality Stars on Saturday, 6th April @ 6.30pm exclusively on MTV.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.