MTV India Launches Petition for Biryani Emoticon, Desi Foodies Think it's About Time

"To all biryani lovers across the globe, I am biryani. And I have been wronged". Thus reads the petition by MTV India, seeking "justice for biryani".

Indian foodies are up in arms, demanding an official emoji for their beloved biryani, the savoury, spicy rice dish cooked with generous quantities of meat and love. And leading the fight is none other than MTV India, which started the quirky petition on last week.

Appealing to the emotions of desi food and biryani lovers, the petition invokes the injustice faced by the popular dish, even as other dishes such as pizzas, burgers, noodles, cakes and salads have their on emoji.

"I am biryani, the country’s greatest emotion but unfortunately not an emoticon," the petition stated, adding, "It’s up to you to change that! Fight for me, fight for your love. Sign the petition and help me become an emoticon!".

The petition also mentioned the accomplishments of the popular dish, adding that every minute, 43 orders for biryani were placed in India, totaling up to 2,000 orders placed online in a single day. However, despite its popularity and demand, the biryani has no emoji.

While in 2017, Hyderabadi biryani managed to get its own postage stamp, there are no emojis.

Since being posted last week, the petition has already garnered over 1,500 signatures and counting. But why is MTV India suddenly so interested in seeking justice for biryani?

Turns out the reason is a lot more novel than just a mere whim to push the status of what many casually call one of India's national foods.

MTV India said in the petition that for ever ten signatures the petition collects, the organisation along with its NGO partner robin Hood Army, will feed a child.

The petition would require 15,000 signatures for Unicode Consortium, the international non-profit organisation that deals supervises all things emoji, would need to consider the plea.

Meanwhile, Indian Twitter is on fire with desi foodies from all corners of the country sharing the petition for getting more support. Many appreaciated MTV India's move.