MSME Ministry Granting Loan and Requesting Rs 1000 As Processing Fee? PIB Reveals Truth Behind Fake Approval Letter

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New Delhi, November 4: Fake news is being widely circulated on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter ever since the outbreak of coronavirus in India. In a latest such case, a viral post is doing rounds on social media claiming that a letter by the Ministry of MSME is providing loan and requesting a free of Rs 1,000. The claim states: "An approval letter allegedly issued by the Ministry of MSME is granting a loan and requesting a payment of ₹1000 on the pretext of processing fee".

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The fake letter claims that the Ministry of MSME is providing a loan under the Prime Minister Employment Guarantee Scheme. Dismissing the fake claims, a fact check by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) said that the letter is fake and the Ministry of MSME does not directly deal with individual beneficiaries for any of its credit schemes. Rs 3000 Being Deposited in Bank Accounts by Centre Under Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana? PIB Fact Check Calls It Fake News.

Here's the tweet by PIB:

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Several such fake news have been spreading on social media like wildfire ever since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The government had advised people of the nation not to believe in such fake news and rumours that spread like wildfire on social media. Several initiatives have been taken by the government to curb the spread of fake news by doing a fact check of the fake and misleading information on digital platforms.