Mr. Singh International 2012 in Amritsar to generate awareness about Sikhism


Amritsar, Aug.21 (ANI): The "Turban Pride Movement" or the Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj (APKF), a voluntary organization, has decided to dedicate the forthcoming Mr. Singh International 2012 to generate awareness about Sikhs globally. The Mr. Singh International would be held in December, and for the contest, the auditions would be started in more then 60 metro cities of various countries shortly. The APKF first organised the "Mr. Singh International event in 2005 with the objective of attracting Sikh youths towards show biz that would further inspire the young children of the community to be in Sikh attire always. The contest assessed personality, Gurmat (religious) knowledge, general awareness, skills in martial arts, bhangra, theatre and ramp skills of the participants After 9/11, Sikhs living in various countries faced attacks as they were mistaken for Muslims and for being members of Al Qaeda.. Recently, six Sikhs were gunned down in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, while attending prayers at a gurdwara. This incident convinced Sikh organisations to join heads and hands to produce effective wakefulness programs to save their community from becoming intentional victims. APKF spokesperson Jaswinder Singh Advocate told media here on Tuesday: "Our aim is to showcase the talent of these Sikh youths to the World and through this take them to many avenues where they can show their talent. " He said that the competition is exclusively meant for Sabat Surat Sikhs (Sikhs with unshorn hair) and believed it would be a real morale-boost for Sikh youths. Finalists undergo a three-month personality-grooming course. They are taught skills related to the Gatka (the traditional Sikh martial art), theatre performance, Gurmat (the Gurus teachings and Sikh Code of Conduct) and basic mannerisms before the grand finale. Jaswinder said it is high time that the Sikh organizations approach each and every country to make them aware about Sikhs and the philosophy of Sikhism. He said, "They would like to let world knows that we are a peaceful community and as well energetic and courageous community who always ready to serve other as and when needed." A major attraction at the show would be a ramp walk by the participants in traditional attire. The aim of the contest is to convey to the young generation that everything can be accomplished by staying within ambit of Sikh principles and doctrines. By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)