MP's Morena Emerges as Fresh Covid Hotspot Along With Bhopal, Gwalior as 300 New Cases Reported in a Week

Vivek Trivedi
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Morena in Madhya Pradesh along with Bhopal and Gwalior has emerged as a fresh hotspot with close to 300 cases of infections reported in last one week.

Starting from June 29 when the district reported 24 cases, there has been a major burst a day later when 56 cases of infection were reported and a worried administration clamped curfew in the district.

Earlier on June 25, the administration in Morena had sealed borders with Rajasthan after cases of infections spiked rapidly in Dholpur,with which the former shares a state border.

The administration then had put up medical check-up posts and those coming in from Dholpur were only allowed in Morena if they seemed in sound health status. However, locals claim it was a delayed move.

“The borders were sealed but not before Dholpur natives had already been coming in large numbers to Morena markets for marriage shopping and other things after a lockdown was imposed in neighbouring district due to a spike in cases of infection,” said a local resident who did not wish to be identified.

It was quite evident that infection passed on to Morena from Dholpur as trading community was primarily affected in the recent outbreak. In later phases, the municipal staffers and bank employees too got infected.

Since June 29, overall 293 cases of fresh infections have been reported till June 5. As per June 5 Health bulletin, total number of positive cases was 682 by Sunday. Curfew was imposed by district administration in Morena on June 30.

However much to the respite of district administration, death cases are only five. The Monday’s health bulleting wasn’t issued till the story was filed.

However, besides the infections passing in from Dholpur, migrants labourers were also found positive upon their return and a family of 14 had tested positive after a woman member kept visiting Agra in UP for chemotherapy frequently.

Days ago, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan too had expressed his concern on the rising cases in Gwalior, Bhind and especially Morena, blaming Dholpur for spreading infection in the district.

Locals however claim that other factors including administration being slightly slack in implementing the covid safety measures have also added to the deteriorating scenario. Many also objected to quarantine centre being in close quarters of the district hospital which houses covid 19 patients.

The district’s first encounter with Covid-19 was witnessed in March when a Dubai-returnee had organised a feast after the death of his grandmother and close to 1500 people attended.13 people had tested positive from the neighbourhood and the administration had acted fast and sent the contacts to quarantine and eventually around 26,000 were home quarantined.

However, the recent burst of infections has undone the initial hard work.

Locals from both the border districts frequently travel to the other states for daily shopping and that has been a major cause for the rise in infections, claimed RK Mishra, divisional commissioner of Chambal.

He, however, denied allegations that sealing the border was delayed and added that enforcing a travel ban wasn’t possible for them.

The officer however claimed that things are under control in Morena with increased testing. District collector Priyanka Das could not be reached for comments.

Among other districts in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal and Gwalior too have reported cases of infections in herds in last week or so. Bhopal is still struggling with high number of fresh cases and reported 305 cases in last seven days while Gwalior recorded 177 fresh cases in the same duration. Total numbers of cases are 3045 and 528 respectively in Bhopal and Gwalior. Overall cases of infections are 4893 in Indore.

Infections at Indore has ebbed significantly with the city reporting less than merely 23 cases on Sunday. Fresh cases have remained in the same range in the city for a while.Till Sunday, the total number of cases have surged to 14,390 in Madhya Pradesh with 608 deaths. Meanwhile the recovery rate has also surged to around 77% in Madhya Pradesh.