MP: Woman shamed, forced to carry relative on shoulders

Sagar Malik
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MP: Woman shamed, forced to carry relative on shoulders
MP: Woman shamed, forced to carry relative on shoulders

16 Feb 2021: MP: Woman shamed, forced to carry relative on shoulders

A tribal woman in Madhya Pradesh's Guna district was shamed, beaten up, and forced to walk for three kilometers while carrying a member of her husband's family on her shoulders.

A video of the horrific incident has since been widely shared on social media.

Meanwhile, a police investigation has been launched following the woman's complaint over the matter.

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Details: Incident took place between Sagai and Bans Khedi villages

The incident took place between the Sagai and Bans Khedi villages of Guna district, NDTV reports.

The video of the incident shows the woman walking on as villagers, armed with sticks and cricket bats, marched alongside.

Some of them are seen grinning and enjoying the disturbing sight, while some hit her with the sticks and bats when she slowed down.

Fact: Trigger warning: Here is the video

Details: Woman 'punished' for separating from husband

In her complaint to the police, the woman said she had separated from her husband by mutual consent, and was in a relationship with another man.

However, last week, members from her husband's family and some others from that village came to her home and abducted her.

The police said a case has been registered and four accused have been arrested so far.

Similar incident: In July, another woman was humiliated in this manner

This is not the first instance where such horrific treatment has been inflicted on a woman in Madhya Pradesh.

In July last year, a woman from the Jhabua district, accused of having an affair, was similarly humiliated. She was made to carry her husband on her shoulders while other villagers jeered along.

Seven villagers, including her husband, were later charged by the local police.

Fact: In 2019, woman was shamed for running away from home

Prior to that, in April 2019, another woman from the state, was shamed and beaten after she allegedly ran away from her home to live with a man she loved. She was brought back and "punished" in a similar fashion. Two people were later arrested.