MP will be top state in conserving gharials and vultures: Govt

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Bhopal, Jan 25 (PTI) After emerging as the state with the highest number of tigers and leopards in India, Madhya Pradesh is now close to acquire the top position in conservation of gharials or fish-eating crocodiles, and vultures, a government official said on Monday.

Citing the bird census of 2019, the official said 8,397 vultures were found in Madhya Pradesh which is more than other states in the country.

'As per the report of the Wild Life Trust of India, a maximum number of 1,859 Gharials were found in the Chambal sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh,' the Public Relations department official said.

He said the gharials were on the verge of extinction around 40 years ago.

'Four decades ago, only 200 gharials were left in the world and among them 96 were in India, including 46 in Chambal river,' the official said.

A gharial sanctuary was established in Morena district's Devri area in Madhya Pradesh for their conservation, he said.

'Eggs of gharials are safely hatched in sand in a temperature ranging between 30-36 degree Celsius. During the hatching process, these eggs emit a 'calling' (sound) and little gharials start coming out. After they grow up, they are released in their natural environment in river,' the official explained.

As per the bird census of 2019, 8,397 vultures were found in Madhya Pradesh which is more than other states in the country.

'In Bhopal's Kervan Dam area, a Vulture Conservation and Breeding Center was established, which is jointly run by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and the Madhya Pradesh government,' the official informed.

He said in terms of vulture population also, Madhya Pradesh would emerge as the top state.

As per the 2018 tiger census, Madhya Pradesh is home to the highest number of tigers in the country at 526 and is given the 'tiger state' tag, the official said.

Similarly, Madhya Pradesh also has the highest number of leopards in the country at 3,421, as per the Status of Leopards in India 2018 report.

'25 per cent of total 12,852 leopards in India are found in Madhya Pradesh alone,' the official added. PTI MAS NSK NSK