MP: Surgeons remove part of jaws to save lives of 4 black fungus patients

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Indore, May 25 (PTI) Surgeons in Indore had to remove half of the upper jaws of four patients infected by mucormycosis or 'black fungus' over the last one week to save their lives, a senior surgeon said on Tuesday.

'A team of surgeons from our college operated on 50 patients of black fungus during the last one week. For the prevention of the infection, we had to surgically remove half of the upper jaws of four patients,” said Dr Amit Rawat, Associate Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Government Autonomous College of Dentistry.

Rawat said if the spread of the fungal infection is stopped in the mouth of the patient through proper treatment, it cannot reach the eyes and brain, which saves these vital organs.

According to officials, over 350 mucormyosis patients, including some from other districts and some from Indore, remain admitted in local hospitals.

The black fungus infection is found in some of the COVID-19 survivors. Experts blame sugar and high use of steroids as some of the causes for the spread of the infection in patients. PTI HWP ADU NSK NSK

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