MP HC Asks Bail Applicants to Donate TV to Shelter Home but Not One Made in China

Buzz Staff
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Amid simmering border tensions between India and China, a bench in Madhya Pradesh High court asked two bail applicants accused in a murder case to donate a television set to a shelter home but with a strange condition - the TV set should not be made in China.

The order came from the Gwalior bench of the MP High Court, headed by Justice Sheel Nagu, on June 26. As per a report in Hindustan Times, bail applicants Arvind Patel and Kamlesh Pal were granted bail with several conditions including one which bound them to donate a TV set to a shelter home or "reinbasera" set up at the district hospital in Morar.

The TV sets had to be worth Rs 25,000 or more. In wake of Indo-China border tensions, however, the bench clarified that only TV sets that were not made in China or by Chinese companies were allowed.

" is directed that the petitioner be released on bail on furnishing a personal bond in the sum of ~25,000 with one solvent surety of the like amount to the satisfaction of the concerned magistrate," the bench's order read. In addition, the bench asked the two applicants to "purchase and install a black coloured LED TV" at the shelter home while ensuring that the tv was "worth at least Rs 25,000" and manufactured in "India or abroad except China".

The two applicants were accused along with two others for opening fore on a villager in Dantia district earlier in February.

This is not the first time that a court has set unusual preconditions for approving bail.

On May 29, the Patna High Court had allegedly granted bail to three accused who had been in jail for violating the Prohibitions Act, but only if they donated to PM Cares Fund, Deccan Herald reported.

Earlier in April, Jharkhand High Court had also granted bail for to an ex-BJP leader and five others if they donated Rs 35,000 each for the PM Cares Fund, The Wire reported.