MP govt spends over Rs 60 lakh in sending delegation to Korea to replicate good edu policy

Bhopal, Dec 1 (PTI) The Madhya Pradesh government has spent over Rs 60 lakh in sending a delegation comprising officials of the school education department and others to Korea to learn that country's good schooling practices and replicate them in the state, according to official documents.

A sum of Rs 62.25 lakh was granted towards expenses incurred on the visit of the officials to Seoul from October 20-24 and November 3-7, 2019, the documents show.

The Madhya Pradesh government's Department of School Education, and Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management (KDIS) – collectively referred to as slides – have signed a memorandum of understanding for 'executive training program for the school education officers (the government of Madhya Pradesh)'.

The purpose of the programme is to expose the government officers to the Korean development experience and education policy as a referential model for the state government, and to propose enhancing strategies for education policy planning, policy management and capacity building.

The state government has decided to train around 200 officers and principals on ways to improve their efficiency and capacity during 2019-20 at Korea Development Institute, Seoul.

The State Institute of Educational Management and Training (SIEMAT) has been made the nodal authority to arrange all logistics related to the training program at Seoul.

Anti-corruption activists have, however, raised objection to these trainings in Seoul claiming nepotism in sending the officers to Korea.

'There has been irregularity in selecting officers for sending them to Korea. The state government should look into it and ensure that the real beneficiary attend the course so that good education related policies of Korea can be replicated in the state,' said Ajay Dubey, transparency activist.

Citing an official document, Dubey said, officers planning the programme are putting conditions like 'mandatory inclusion of gents' in the notesheet seeking financial and administrative approval from senior officers for the training in Korea, in their apparent bid to favour some.

'There are at least five training programmes being organised by spending around Rs 1.5 crore. The government officials are also buying expensive gifts for some unknown people there in Korea,” Dubey said, referring to the documents. PTI AKV TIR TIR TIR