MP Govt to Kick off Programme against Sub-standard Seeds and Fertilisers to Boost Agriculture in State

Bhopal: After launching a statewide campaign against adulteration in edible items, the Madhya Pradesh government is now gearing up to kick off another campaign against sub-standard seeds, pesticides and fertilisers. This will start from Friday and run till November 30.

State Agriculture Minister Sachin Yadav on Thursday said inspection teams will be formed in every district to carry out inquiry, collect and test samples. Yadav has issued orders that strict action be taken in case sub-standard items are found during inspections.

Yadav has instructed officers to ensure that farmers get standard seeds, fertilisers and pesticides ahead of the commencement of Rabi season in the state.

Till now the department has compiled over 7,500 samples from the state and has ordered action in 400 cases where manufacturers and sellers were found in possession of inferior quality products.

Yadav said the department is constantly acting against manufacturers producing and supplying bad quality seeds, fertilisers and pesticides to farmers — several such producers have been punished in Burhanpur and other districts recently and their licences revoked.

Yadav said cases were recently lodged against three directors of fertiliser companies and five other firms were blacklisted. “The sub-standard products are leading to destruction of crops and, at times, the farmers commit suicides,” he added.