MP education dept. to use app developed on lines of KBC for counselling

BHOPAL: School education department has designed a career counseling game on the lines of popular TV programme Kaun Banega Crorepati to guide students of class X to choose subjects next year.

Teachers would be testing interest and aptitude of students in four subjects. They will be tested for efficiency in language, mathematics, reasoning and spatial efficiency through a specially designed mobile application.

Every student will have to undergo a 75 minute test broadly divided in four categories including 20 marks each for three subjects and 15 marks for language. Teacher would be connected with all students through an audience response system in class.

Students will reply to the question the way audience vote in Kaun Banega Crorepati and answers will be collected in the teachers’ mobile app that will be analysed later.

Career counseling is conducted in two stages- first stage will conducted December 18 onwards after half-yearly exams while the second and final phase will be conducted after annual exams.

The results of the test will guide students on which career to adopt and which subjects to pursue after class X.

However, the biggest catch is that one mobile phone is required every 10 students and there are hardly any students who own a mobile phone as early as in class X. The success of the programme depends on how many teachers provide their mobile phones for this test and that too for more than an hour (75 minutes).

School education department has made no separate provision to arrange mobile phones to implement this programme. Teachers have been instructed to arrange for mobile phones.