Mozilla Firefox to end support for Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show devices by the end of April

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Mozilla's Firefox, a free and open-source web browser, has announced that they are dropping support for Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Show devices. This big news comes just over three and a half years after the browser started supporting the Amazon devices. After dropping support for Firefox on these platforms, users will stop receiving updates by the end of April. As reported in the blog post, Mozilla shared the information and revealed that users all across the world will be switched to Amazon's Silk browser once Firefox drops support. Also, Firefox's listing would be pulled down from the app store at the end of the month.

"Starting on 30 April 2021, we will no longer support Firefox on Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show. You will no longer be able to install the app on FireTV, receive security updates, or be able to reinstall the app if you uninstall it starting on April 30, 2021. If you have Firefox set as your default browser on Echo Show, you will be redirected to Amazon Silk for web browsing starting 30 April 2021," Mozilla announced.

Users who currently have the Firefox browser installed will still be able to access it but will not be able to download it again in near future. Meanwhile, if they uninstall the browser, then the new users will not be able to find the browser on the Amazon app store.

Users, who have the app installed will not be able to use it after 30 April, because the application will be vulnerable to any future security flaws and it will not receive any security fixes.

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