Movie Review: Govinda Deserves Much Better Than an ‘Aa Gaya Hero’

The question is who will inform Govinda that this is no longer the nineties? Middle-of-the-road song-dance sequences, jarring background scores, heavily breathing villains and plotting ones next move loudly looking straight into the camera don't work anymore. Aa Gaya Hero is Govinda's desperate attempt at staging a comeback – and frankly for his sake, this should never have been made.

An honest cop hoodwinking law to take on goons isn't new. Ajay Devgn and our very own Salman Khan have all added crores to their kitty thanks to the winning formula. Their burgeoning muscles on full display, adrenaline junkies treated to slick action and stunning special effects .

Not just our filmy “hero”, but even the art of filmmaking has evolved with technology playing a major role. 

In comparison then, Aa Gaya Hero seems like a product well past its best-before date!

Produced and written by Govinda, the film lacks punch. The CGI is terrible – and Savdhaan India has better fight sequences in comparison. Govinda's character calls himself "policewala don" if you may and the bad guys he brings to justice are all mere caricatures. Ashutosh Rana, Murali Sharma, Makrand Deshpande and Chandrachur Singh all deserve better. But, more importantly, Govinda deserves far better.

There are glimpses of his comic timing here and there, and he seems to be having fun dancing to those forgettable numbers, but for all of us who have seen him in all his glory, this is a huge fall. Watch your fav Govinda film today, but don't get tricked into going for Aa Gaya Hero.

Half a quint out of 5.