MoveInSync to power India back to work with their innovative “Work From Office “Suite

A SaaS platform that ensures health and safety at commute and workplace during Covid-19 Bangalore 3 June 2020: With an eye on bringing the economy back to its feet, India’s leading enterprise commute startup MoveInSync have launched their ‘Work from Office’ suite. With over 35 fortune 500 companies among their 135 strong portfolio of clients, MoveInSync’s ‘Work From Office’ platform is poised to re-design and to a large extent automate the way corporate India’s operation work, taking into account various safety measures and government guidelines.

In an effort to help companies make a smooth transition in the post Covid times, MoveInSync have decided to offer the service complimentary. The platform addresses 5 key needs based on their interaction with clients and employees. They are Employee Scheduler, Employee Transport System, Office Digi-Pass, Office Manager and an all-encompassing Central Dashboard. These 5 key areas and its features ensure auditable health and safety measures in office operations from the time an employee is picked up from home till the time they are dropped post their shift.

Commenting on the ‘Work-from-Office’ Suite, Deepesh Agarwal, CEO and co-founder, MoveInSync said, “As we gradually return to normalcy and companies reopen for operations, ensuring safety of human lives will be a primary concern for all. At this inflection point, our commitment to enabling safe and secure work-from-office has led us to introduce these solutions. The challenging nature of the current time calls for a unified approach where we help one another. We hope that our free solutions and tools aid organizations as they get back to usual operations.” The app integrates key social distancing measures by allowing team leaders and team managers to plan staffing, not only in office operational areas, but also in cafeterias and meeting rooms. Additionally, the platform allows employees to declare information that might impact their chances of COVID morbidity; this includes factors such as age, other health conditions (e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension), whether they have recently come in contact with COVID affected person.

Besides, the app also powers various other features like mask detection in cabs during transit, QR code based Digital Office Gate Pass that will reduce touch and contact with surfaces.

The Central Dashboard system metricises these policies and enables live tracking of activities and subsequent audit of safety protocols. MoveInSync has ensured that the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are followed through this innovative approach.

Earlier MoveInSync also launched the Covid-19 hotspot tracker that helps Keep track of containment zones and hotspots across all cities in India. The tracker become viral and is used by over 10 lakh people across the country every day. The recently launched navigation feature allows you to reach your destination safely bypassing containment zones.

About MoveInSync MoveInSync is India’s largest office commute platform. They provide services to more than 135+ corporate clients (including 35+ Fortune 500 Companies) including Google, Microsoft, Wipro, Amazon. Their platform is used by more than 3.5 Lac employees and 50,000 drivers on a daily basis. Their services are currently available across 22 Indian cities with international presence currently in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

MoveInSync’s Enterprise ready platform currently handles more than 25 Million Trips, Schedules, and Alerts Events per day. More than 500 Million location updates, 2.5 TB of Transactional data and 30 TB of Events data are processed per day. These transactions are being handled through their scalable infrastructure which includes 200+ servers running at peak load and 40+ Cloud services (including Amazon Web Services EC2, S3 services).

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