Move Over Lifafa, Now Just FreeCharge the Shaadi Ka Shagun

For quite some time now, we have been hearing the word ‘cashless’ being used. From newspaper ads to television commercials, suddenly everyone wants you to go cashless. In the last few months, a lot of us have gone cashless, for smaller transactions at least. But had you ever thought that a day will come when the word ‘cashless’ gets associated with the big fat Indian wedding? Well, if you hadn’t, then be prepared to get surprised because it’s happening and how.

Time for cashless shaadis

Given the amount of rituals associated with them, Indian weddings have a lot of money involved. Going the digital way, will only make them hassle-free and easy to manage. And this is exactly what FreeCharge proved when it hosted ‘cashless’ weddings across multiple cities. Yes, you read that right – cashless weddings.

In Bengaluru, a one-of-its-kind swayamvar was held on radio (Photo: FreeCharge)

In association with Fever 104 FM, FreeCharge conducted such weddings in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. This was done in keeping with the government’s vision of a cashless economy. Indian weddings are witness to big-ticket monetary transactions whether it is paying for rituals, paying vendors or gifting the couple.

What could be a better occasion than weddings to encourage people to make digital payments and that’s exactly what FreeCharge did. From joota churana to mooh dikhayi, all such rituals were cashless. Payments were made and gifts were exchanged through Freecharge wallet. FreeCharge has been at the forefront of promoting cashless transactions, but this unique initiative took it another level altogether.

A never before seen swayamvar

In Bengaluru, a one-of-its-kind swayamvar was held on radio. Suitors were invited to register through an online portal or WhatsApp and on the big night, three contestants battled it out for the title of Mr Right. Bride-to-be Pranvesha Kundu chose Sahil Sen as her ‘Mr Right’.

Pranvesha Kundu with Sahil Sen who she chose at the swayamvar (Photo: FreeCharge)

Recalling her experience, Kundu said, “It's been a month-long journey with Band Baaja Fever. I have had so much fun right from the selections to the interactions with the RJs, the nervousness and excitement on the dates, selecting the top 3 out of 5, to the fun games on air, to see the top 3 fighting it out on stage to making the final choice.”

Benefits galore

Cashless shaadis hold a lot of potential in a country such as India. Weddings here are highly indulgent affairs and the last thing you want is some problem on the money front to play spoilsport on the big day. No wonder then, Freecharge wants you to go the digital way so you can enjoy weddings to the fullest while not worrying about making cash payments. With FreeCharge, even an unforeseen event like demonetisation will not catch you off-guard.

So the next time you plan to attend a wedding, don’t worry about what gift to carry. Just FreeCharge and you are all sorted.