Mouad Tassoufra — The singing sensation

Brand Voice
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Expressing what you feel inside is a difficult task but for a musician it’s quite easy as the lyrics and the musical background will do the thing easily. However rapping is the thing that is a step higher now a days.

Here’s the rapstar JEN who started listening rap songs and was attracted towards . During 2008 he recorded one of his first rap song , also it was in an amateur manner.

After that until 2011 he kept on practicing to be better and then later on be met J Prod and recorded in a professional studio.

This was it after that he struggled and made it really big. From then only he started working on his mixtape “Swi3a”. It’s been two years that he is working on it.

When we asked him regarding the way he uses to make his songs popular , be says that, “Well for me there is no guidelines that you should follow them to make song which will be a hit, but if you are working hard, and writing lyrics from all your heart with a real feelings for sure your fans will be satisfied and your song will be the “hit-song” .

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