Motorsport Tickets celebrates heroes amongst the fans

Motorsport Tickets celebrates heroes amongst the fans

Motorsport Tickets are celebrating the heroes amongst the fans in their latest effort to support the racing community through isolation and a postponed season.

Valentino Rossi, 115 MotoGP career wins and counting: hero. Niki Lauda, 1976 Formula 1 comeback after near-fatal Nurburgring crash: hero. Stirling Moss, unfailing sportsmanship and a great attitude both on and off the track: hero.

NHS staff, working the front line to save lives: heroes. Delivery drivers, risking their safety to take food to those who can't collect it for themselves: heroes. Teachers, caring for vulnerable children who can't stay at home: heroes.

If there's one thing the events of COVID-19 have taught us, it's that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

If there's one thing that we already know about sports, it's that it is all about community. In racing we laugh together, cry together and constantly re-define the boundaries of human limitation, together.

Motorsport Tickets are now looking to this community to celebrate the unsung heroes, of every shape and size, together.

Motorsport Tickets celebrates heroes amongst the fans

So do you know an isolation hero? Motorsport Tickets have launched a brand new monthly competition to shine a light on those who have kept the wheels turning during these trying times, giving away a £500 gift voucher every month!

From stories on the front line, to those who just made us laugh and brightened a difficult day. For your chance to win, simply head to Motorsport Tickets Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag your hero in the comments under any 'Who From Your Crew?' post and share the reason why. Visit Heroes Competition to find out more!

Motorsport Tickets celebrates heroes amongst the fans

For smaller victories that still matter, Motorsport Tickets are also celebrating with a Champagne Moment every week.

Encouraging fans to acknowledge the day to day successes of colleagues, teams and, of course, themselves with a virtual spray of champagne. Reminding us to keep putting one foot in front of the other and notice the tracks we are making.

Motorsport Tickets celebrates heroes amongst the fans

Finishing up with a call for small acts of kindness to help build a bigger whole, Motorsport Tickets have taken the first step, leading by example and removing all service and delivery charge for every key worker for the next 12 months.

Once the focus turns from saving lives to making memories, Motorsport Tickets want to be ready and waiting at the starting line to say thank you in the best way that they can and want to know, what could your small part be?

Motorsport Tickets' pursuit to celebrate heroes falls as part of their wider effort to support racing fans through the struggle of isolation and disappointment of a postponed season.

To raise spirits, keep minds engaged and encourage #missionstayathome, Motorsport Tickets have also been working with their wider Motorsport Network partners including us at Autosport and, Motorsport TV and Motorsport Games to supply a series of Fill the Void content.

This includes emails every weekend packed full of free subscriptions, complimentary articles and e-racing events for you to enjoy. Sign up at Fill the Void to receive yours.

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