Mother refuses to breastfeed "alien" baby born in Bihar, India

Nupur Jha
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A baby born in Bihar's capital Patna, India, has been dubbed an 'alien'.

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The baby was born deformed, with a hardened shell for skin, which caused the shocked mother to refuse to breastfeed her.

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The mother, aged 28, delivered the baby at a government hospital on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

After the news about the 'alien' baby was leaked, people rushed to the hospital to have a look at her.

The doctors had to force the crowd away while the young parents rejected the child considering her to be cursed.

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"I have no idea how this happened," the mother said, according to the Mirror.

"My family and I are completely devastated. I am in shock as I was really looking forward to becoming a mother of a healthy child, be it a girl or a boy," she added.

The mother refused to breastfeed or even hold the baby, once she was brought home.

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According to doctors, the baby won't survive for long due to undeveloped organs. They also revealed that only one in 10 million cases like this have a chance of surviving for an extended period.

The baby is suffering from a rare genetic condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis, which is the outcome of severe malnutrition, which leads to facial deformities and skin thickening, the Mirror reported.

The skin of the baby is a thick white plate separated by deep cracks. There are also chances of deformities in organs like the genitals, eyes and the limbs of the premature baby.

The Mirror report also revealed that the cracked skin of the baby was prone to severe bacterial infections which are often deadly.

You can see the baby in here:

YouTube/ Mohsin Siddiqui

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