Mother Monkey Saves Her Baby Stuck in Narrow Slot, Viral Video Will Touch Your Heart

Madhurima Sarkar

This is a heart-touching moment that has been captured in a viral video. A baby monkey got stuck in a narrow slot and was putting every effort to come out of it. The mother who was looking for the little one soon spotted it struggling to get out, but failed. Internet is touched and also relieved looking at the rescue video, which is going viral on social media sites, especially Facebook. The mother monkey was soon able to save her child. The clip has gained more than one million views since uploaded and will touch your heart too, if you have not seen it yet. From Monkey Closing Tap After Drinking Water to Washing Clothes in 'Desi' Style, Seven Viral Videos That Went Crazy Viral This Week. 

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The video begins with the baby monkey being trapped in the narrow slot. It was trying every bit to save itself, but failed. Anything could have happened. A few other monkeys along with its mother ran into the spot. All of them can be seen finding ways to bring the tiny one out. The baby was visibly calm, the moment it saw her mother. She finally rescued her child and cuddled it before wandering to the wild. It is not known that where the incident occurred, but has been uploaded by an animal enthusiast page ‘Wild Animal Channel’ on Facebook.

Watch the Viral Video:

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Monkeys share typical behaviour as of humans. And their love towards their child is not exceptional. Scientists have found the primates go as gooey over their babies as humans. This video has proved the bond once again. However, lately, several videos have appeared online, where monkeys were spotted, sending important messages to humans. A responsible monkey was captured, closing the tap after drinking water.