The mother of all combinations, wine-infused coffee, is here to save the day

Why restrict yourself to one luxurious pleasure when you can have both in a single sip?

There are not many gifts by god that can get you through the everyday life we're living now. Two of the most precious ones, however, are coffee (for the incessant workday) and wine, for when it's all over.

But now, you can indulge in both those pleasures simultaneously, by simply sipping a beautiful concoction of both. The beautiful combination of the alcoholic beverage and the energy-boosting stimulant has been brought forth by Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve.

So, how do they achieve the to-die-for combination? According to, they've worked for over two years to perfect the combination of a house-made red wine and "carefully selected" coffee beans. The beans "relax" in the "artisan-crafted" wine to absorb its flavors, then get dried and hand-roasted, resulting in rich coffee with a blueberry note, according to Molinari. AND double the antioxidants!

This coffee can be had like a cold coffee, an espresso, a latte, or pretty much any other form that you'd like to have your regular coffee in.

The coffee is available online, on Molinari Private Reserve website, and costs USD 19.95 for a half-pound bag.