Most Valuable Lip Art! Lips Encrusted With 126 Diamonds Costing Rs 3.78 Crore Earns Guinness World Records Title

Team Latestly
At an event organised by diamond jeweller Rosendorff Diamonds, celebrating their 50th anniversary, the brand made the record.

A pair of lips encrusted with diamonds has earned the Guinness World Records title for being most valuable lip art. At an event organised by diamond jeweller Rosendorff Diamonds, celebrating their 50th anniversary, the brand made the record. A total of 126 diamonds costing over Rs 3.78 crore (USD 540,858.59)  from Rosendorff's collection weighing a total of 22.92-carat weight were used.

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Founded by Craig Rosendorff in 1963, Rosendorff is a specialist diamond jeweller known for their stylish works. Make-up artist Clare Mac placed the luxurious diamonds on the model's lips with the utmost care. A layer of black matte lipstick was first applied, thereafter each diamond was meticulously placed on the lips using false eyelash adhesive. It took over two and a half hours to complete the work. Surat Jewellers Enter Guinness World Record With Lotus Shaped Ring Engraved With 6,690 Diamonds.

Here is the most valuable lip art!

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Charlie Octavia, the model for Rosendorff on whose lips the diamonds were placed, told Guinness World Records, "At Rosendorff Diamonds, we pride ourselves on excellence, and what could be more excellent than holding a Guinness World Records title." With the diamonds being so expensive, a police officer was deployed on site to avoid any problem. After the attempt, Octavia was taken back to the jeweller's vault, where each diamond was removed by Craig Rosendorff himself. Makeup Artist Vlada Haggerty Creates Surreal Lip Art That Will Make You Look Twice.

Octavia added saying, "Endless hours of researching, designing, planning, trialling and liaising to ensure we qualified for the record was quite challenging, but that's what makes having a Guinness World Record such a prestigious achievement." Rosendorff said that preparations sticking to guidelines were the most difficult part of the event.