Most taxes a result of crooked mind of Chidambaram: Swamy

New Delhi, Jan.5, (ANI): Backing the view of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on easing taxation policy, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said most of the taxes are the brainchild of Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

"How can you have income tax and service tax at the same? This is all a result of the crooked mind of P Chidambaram," said Swamy.

"It is very difficult to start a business on your own. If these unnecessary taxes are removed, then it will be a way to encourage our industry and create employment.

People are not begging for jobs. It is our duty to create jobs for them. The Nitin Gadkari committee is looking into this matter," he added.

On Ramdev's suggestion of introducing Bank Transaction Tax (BTT), Swamy said, "We will consider his opinion about transaction tax but there are many political implications involved. We have discussed this thoroughly in our party meeting. But we can abolish the income tax, as everybody is fed up with it. There is lot of paperwork involved in it. There are many other taxes with which the common man is very upset. They are all harassment taxes."

On Ramdev's demand for bringing back the black money stashed abroad, Swamy said, "There is nothing new in his statement. He has been saying this for a long time. He is right in saying that the black money stashed in safe havens, which amounts to Rs. 120 lakh crore, should be brought back to India as it an Indian property. According to our central budget, the total tax which is collected amounts to Rs. 5 lakh crores where as such an enormous amount is stashed illegally in foreign banks."

On Saturday, Baba Ramdev had said, "Support to Modi will be on issues. Nation is built on policies, personality and intention. If policies of Modi and the charter of the BJP are in favour of bringing back the black money and tackling the corruption in this country, then we will be making an announcement regarding this year's Lok Sabha elections."

He said the Prime Minister has accepted his failure, in tackling corruption, price rise and poverty in the country, in his interaction with the media.

He stressed on removal of all the taxes paid by the citizen and said due to wrong policies of the Congress led-UPA Government, there is inflation in the country. He said there should be only one tax that should be levied ---- the Bank Transaction Tax (BTT), which should be of one percent. He also demanded that 500 and 1000 rupees notes should be rolled back. (ANI)