The Most Ridiculous Rapper Names


Ridiculous rap names aren't new: Ol' Dirty Bastard, Pudgee tha Phat Bastard, Swollen Members, Ski Mask the Slump God—the list goes on. But in recent years, they've become even more absurd. Don't let that stop you from checking out the music, though, because lots of it is good. Here are some of the most ridiculous new rapper names right now.

  • Lilwaterbed

    Houston's Lilwaterbed calls himself the '#1 disco artist of eternity.' He just hit 5,000 followers on SoundCloud, but some of his tracks have tens of thousands of plays, and songs like 'Fly Away' have a dreamy quality to them that sets him apart from artists who rely on shock value.

  • Leavemealone

    Leavemealone has a name that could belong to an emo band, but the music on his SoundCloud ranges from traditional hip-hop to the loud, overblown bass stuff that's becoming so common. There are some more low-key, acoustic, and melodic tracks mixed in, too. Many of his most popular songs are the noisy ones, but his less abrasive material shows his knack for introspective lyrics over raw but compelling production.

  • Itsoktocry

    Five years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a green-haired, face-tatted rapper named Itsoktocry, but in 2018 it makes perfect sense. Itsoktocry has worked with Nick Prosper, Lil Peep, and Zillakami, and he's racked up big plays on both SoundCloud and Spotify. He recently released a project called 'Pastelgore.'

  • Lilbootycall

    Texas rapper Lilbootycall may have one of the most outlandish names in the game, but it comes from a real and possibly relatable place. The young artist felt like his friends and women only reached out to him when their original plans fell through, like a last-minute booty call. LBC wasn't alone in his feelings, gaining a strong following on SoundCloud and racking up millions of plays on songs like 'Sailor Moon.'

  • Bootychaaain

    If you don't know about tread music, the SoundCloud subgenre Philadelphia production collective Working on Dying has been credited with creating, you'll need to change that. Bootychaaain's name grabs your attention, and all the extra letters just add to it. Her music is cool, too: Check out songs like 'Yellow Raincoat' and 'They on Me.'

  • Lil Toenail

    West Palm Beach's Lil Toenail may wear a mask and a foot costume and make music some might call loud and vulgar, but he's trying to spread positivity. In an interview with 'Respect,' he explained, 'I want to motivate people to stay away from drugs. I understand there is people who are truly addicted to drugs, but I want to help fix that issue, too.'

  • Leeky Bandz

    Leeky Bandz is a rapper from the Lower East Side of New York, and he's included in this list because 1) we had too many 'Lils,' and 2) he's got some good music. There's classic New York grit here, but one look through his SoundCloud reveals more innovative flows, too. 'Pocket Rocket' is a new favorite, even if we have no idea what a Leeky Band is.

  • Lil House Phone

    Following up the 'Lil' in your name with a forgettable word is a common rap trope, but 'House Phone' is a solid choice. Los Angeles' Lil House Phone has been a co-host on 'No Jumper,' and he's put up big numbers on SoundCloud, including over a million plays on the booming 'Tokyo Goons.'

  • Lil Soda Boi

    When Lil Yachty arrived on the scene and told us he'd eaten pizza every day since he was in the second grade, some of us thought he'd be the most outlandish rapper we'd ever know. Now, a couple of years on, we can say with confidence we were wrong. Seattle's Lil Soda Boi has a heavy Auto-Tune rasp, which he's used to amass about 11,000 followers on SoundCloud.

  • Baby Tears

    Baby Tears is a great name, but it's definitely a weird one. The Baltimore artist hasn't dropped any music on her SoundCloud in nine months. Whatever's going on with her, 'Succubus Slides' is still weird and amazing.

  • Jpegmafia

    With projects like 'Communist Slow Jams' and songs like 'I'll Never Forgive Hipsters for What They Did to Brooklyn,' Jpegmafia may be more political than many of the artists on this list. This year, he released 'Veteran,' an album that offers a good idea of what he's about.

  • Lil Windex

    At least one publication, Noisey, has called Lil Windex 'the best cleaning-product-themed rapper alive.' It's a gag he's committed to, with bottles of Windex appearing in videos for songs like, yes, 'Cleanin' Up.' But the Canadian rapper isn't all about maintaining an impeccable household: He also has songs like 'Bitcoin Cash,' touting the virtues of crypto.

  • Sad Frosty

    Sad Frosty's name practically begs for a flourish like a sad-face emoticon to appear next to it, and, thankfully, one does on his SoundCloud. The Houstonian doesn't sound like But he's linked with rappers like Rich the Kid, who appeared on his 'ADHD Freestyle' remix, so he may have begun the crawl from viral stardom to mainstream fame.

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