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Kite Runners beware. The Aircraft Act, 1934 declares negligent kite flying as an offense punishable with two years of prison or a fine of Rs 10 lakh. According to the Act, kites are considered as an aircraft and the same laws that apply for planes are applied for flying kites as well. So in a nation that holds events for kite flying, remember, it’s all under “expert supervision”. Never thought kite flying would have a disclaimer attached, didya? 

Independence Day special: Some of the most ridiculous laws in India

So many countries with so many strange laws, most of which we’ve all heard of. India isn’t far behind, though, when it comes to having some downright outdated or silly laws on the planet. 

Most of which won’t impact everyone in the country, but you still have to think about it and go, “Hmm.” Maybe followed by a facepalm. 

This 71st Independence Day, here’s a list of a few of those weird Indian laws that you should know, lest you find yourself laughing your way to lockup at some point.