Most Popular Song for Coders!

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An Instagram reel produced by CoderMacha for coding enthusiasts has gone viral National, April 15th 2021: In the last few days, a video has gone massively viral among programmers across the country. The short 30-seconds reel explains the dilemma that most programming students go through in a musical format. The song is hugely entertaining and has connected to the students in a big way. Many students have even mentioned that they are listening to the song on loop with some of them having watched it more than 50 times! The Team of “Coder Macha” has produced this song in-house with the help of a few young artists and has adapted the famous song Kabira in a uniquely creative way.

The reel has hit 4 million views in record time and continues to create waves across the student community.

About CoderMacha: In mid-February, an exciting Instagram channel named @codermacha was launched with a vision to connect with all coders across the country at a friendly level - macha means friend/dude in a casual way.

CoderMacha has a very noble belief that coding can be fun and the process enjoyable. Software programming is a challenging field and can often lead to stress among the young coders. CoderMacha in its own unique way aims to bring a smile on the faces of every coder and act as a one-stop destination to relieve stress.

Coder Macha (@codermacha) • Instagram photos and videos The page has instantly become a hit among the country’s youth and has garnered over 16,000 followers in a short span of time. They produce daily engaging content and have also conceptualised the first ever Musical Series for coders. The viral reel is a part of this very series. They also have plans to create learning content in a fun casual way.

It’s a massive challenge to attempt something like this, more so when creating a new niche altogether and we wish CoderMacha all the very best in this noble endeavour of theirs.