Most popular baby names of 2012 revealed

Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): Isabella and Jayden were the most popular baby names for 2012, a new study has revealed.

According to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, 13,857 babies have been delivered in 2012, out of which 111 were named Isabella and 90 Jayden.

Other popular names included Sophia, Emma, Elijah, and Jacob.

On the other hand,'s "100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2012" has revealed that many of the names on the list compiled by the hospital were trendy in other parts of the country.

Following are the top ten most popular baby names for girls and boys in 2012, as per the Birth Registry at Winnie Palmer Hospital.

The top 10 names for girls in 2012 were:

1. Isabella

2. Sophia

3. Emma

4. Mia

5. Olivia

6. Abigail

7. Madison

8. Ava

9. Sofia

10. Avery

The top 10 names for boys in 2012 were:

1. Jayden

2. Elijah

3. Liam

4. Jacob

5. Ethan

6. Noah

7. Aiden

8. Alexander and Mason

9. Joshua

10. Daniel (ANI)