The Most LOL-Worthy Reactions To The Race 3 Trailer On Twitter

Amidst all the Karnataka poll verdict chaos , Salman Khan took to Twitter to release the trailer of Race 3. While the Race series by director duo Abbas Mustan is often praised for its suspense building plot and remarkable action sequences, the third addition to the franchise appears to blur the lines between believability and fantasy.

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Following the release of the rather ~extravagant~ trailer, many users on Twitter came in with full force to drop the troll bombs.

Here are some of the most funny reactions to the Race 3 trailer:

Not For Ones With A Weak Stomach

Tough Choice?

Seems Like A ‘Chirpy’ Affair

RIP Physics?

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Did He Indeed?


Meme Fodder 101

Like Pheobe Said: “My Eyes! My Eyes!”

Inspired By

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