The Most (And Least) Risky Activities For Spreading Covid-19

Natasha Hinde
·2-min read

When it comes to spreading Covid, not all activities are created equal. That’s according to a fascinating infographic that’s been shared on social media, charting the riskiest activities that encourage the virus to spread.

Club-goers will be sad to see the heat map suggests nightclubs are the ultimate high-risk activity, followed by seeing a concert or play, attending an indoor party, visiting an indoor bar, attending a sports stadium, and going to church.

Also considered high risk – but less so than the above activities – is attending a wedding or funeral, hugging or shaking hands, stopping wearing a face mask, going out with someone you don’t know well, visiting an amusement park and eating at a buffet.

The graphic, produced by Information Is Beautiful, the brainchild of London-based designer and writer David McCandless, sourced the information from 500 epidemiologists and experts quoted in the media.

Medium-risk activities, as suggested by the graph, include: staying at a hotel, hosting a small indoor dinner party, using a public pool, visiting a shopping centre, getting a haircut, going on a plane, and sending kids to school or nursery.

Low-risk activities, however, include eating a takeaway, exercising outdoors, playing tennis, playing golf, having a friend use your bathroom, going to a petrol station, older kid playdates and camping.

Other relatively low-risk activities, according to the heat map, include: going to the beach, food shopping, outdoor dinning, visiting a library or museum, going away for one night (if driving), visiting your doctor, going on holiday with another family and walking in a busy town centre (outdoors).

The chart caveats there are factors to consider in addition to the activities. These include: how many people there are, how close the contact is between these people, how long they are...

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