Morning newswrap October 15

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Morning newswrap October 15

Morning newswrap October 15

US: Virginia State University on lockdown after shooting in campus

According to VSU Police, possible suspect was described as a black male last seen wearing a white jersey with a blue number 23.

Trump's threat to pull out of Iran nuclear accord dangerous, says Clinton

Clinton, in an interview set to air Sunday on CNN, said Trump's insistence on decertifying the deal, even though evidence has pointed to Iranian compliance, "makes us look foolish and small and plays right into Iranian hands."

Here we go again: Delhi air quality dips, to remain 'very poor' for 48 hours

Air quality in the capital is set to remain 'very poor' for the next couple of days. Here's what you need to know about the current quality of air in Delhi and its environs, and what we can expect in the days to come.

Manchester United's first test raises questions over title credentials

In their first challenge against one of the 'big six', Manchester United went into their shell - clearly under instructions to not allow Liverpool space and to limit their own forward movement.