More women turning into 'Sugar babies' for new cars and breast implants

Sydney, Nov 14 (ANI): A growing number of girls in Australia are joining escort agencies, hoping to hook up an older man who will take care of them in a "mutually beneficial relationship."

But, what it considered "mutually beneficial" by many, is not exactly what romantic dreams are made of.

For 300 dollars a pop, 24-year-old "Sugar baby" Ashley(not her real name) - who signed up with up to the "Number One Sugar Daddy Dating Site," she provides "favours" for the men she meets - aged up to their mid-70s.

"You'd expect the guys to be businessmen - clean-cut professionals. But, they're not," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

"They're overweight, slobby, fat men and a lot older [than I expected]. I've been on a few sites - they're all the same and all just after the same thing.

"They all say 'my wife doesn't give me affection.' They're not desirable, so I act like I'm interested in them," she said.

Despite her feigned interest she has not yet found anyone who will "invest" in her breast implants.

But, she did get a car out of one "arrangement."

It was only second hand, but given she couldn't afford a car, let alone the registration, "it was a dream come true." (ANI)