Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2021
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The month of March 2021 imprints the round trip when the pandemic hit the world on the loose. It is the very same month when the lockdown was declared over the nations. It brought the world to a standstill. Precisely following one year, a ton has changed. Economically, and as people. Our thoughts have developed; our methodology towards life has changed and furthermore how we see life.

We have begun to esteem life and everything around us and on top of all value time.

As of now, we have already entered the new year with cautiousness, care, and alarm; we as a whole need to know whether this month would be a ray of hope for all or it would still suggest we wait a little longer for things to be normal. Will life at last return to ordinary? Will we say goodbye to the pandemic and can live fearlessly, or we actually need to hang tight for one more month?

All such concerns along with matters related to love, finance, family, and career will be answered here. These predictions have helped many people over time and will also help you plan your month more securely.

These are general predictions according to the moon sign. For a detailed prediction chat/talk to the expert astrologer at Astroyogi.

Know how March 2021 will turn out to be for you based on these predictions so that you can make better decisions.


Aries, the month of March brings three new transits into play that have an overall positive impact on your life. The impact of Venus, the love planet in sweet and dreamy Pisces on the 17th, sees you enjoy a steep financial increase, and the investment opportunities are numerous and should be explored. This is definitely the time to make the most of the wisdom you have accrued around money so that you can enjoy a bountiful future. Depending on the worldwide situation with covid, you may find yourself spending money on short trips to state that desire for exploration and movement. It’s possible that you’ll spend more than you intend to – that said travel is a worthwhile pursuit for Aries natives, so rather than cutting it off, avoid unnecessary expenses across other areas. That said, it’s crucial to check whether or not travel is safe. Read more Aries Monthly Predictions.


Sweet Taurus, this month you will find yourself far more active than usual as if you’ve been hit with a jolt of energy rousing you from a more still, stagnate side of your personality, and when the bull awakens, the effect can be powerful indeed. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, you’ll see financial improvement come your way, and you have just the right blend of practicality and integrity to work with it wisely. Little pleasures matter to you certainly, and these will be indulged, but you also love the idea of building a lasting legacy. Money, used wisely, can enable this. This is a very joyous and enjoyable transit which can cause you to flourish. Still, you must curb your tendencies towards excess so that you do not begin to show your overindulgence in an overweight or unhealthy body. Read more Taurus Monthly Prediction


It’s inevitable that you get recognized eventually for your mind because this is really the heart of your nature. You are a cerebral being who understands the world through a mental filter first and foremost. You are always in the mood for thinking, digesting, and ruminating. You can’t ‘get out of your head’ even if you wanted to; however, controlling the thoughts that crowd you is crucial to your wellbeing and success. Do not follow every thought that presents itself. This month as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you may find yourself promoted at the workplace and enjoy huge financial growth if you can think about money in broader terms rather than as a source of instant gratification. Those of you who enjoy performance and acting will also find that others pay attention to you, for you have that unique blend of charisma and magic that really captures a crowd. Read more Gemini Monthly Prediction


With Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, your financial condition is in for some blessings. You enjoy spending money on important items and experiences and are likely to indulge in all such pleasures this week. Sentimental items, items with a past or history, also greatly appeal to you for you to emotionally connect with things and people. Improving your home or purchasing a new vehicle is likely to be high on your agenda. You'll also have an itchy and restless urge to explore your surroundings, especially places of natural beauty or famous tourist spots, although this may need to take a back seat due to the world's current ways. Read more Cancer Monthly Prediction


As Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you need to be mindful of your health and take precautions as and when needed. Fire signs are prone to spontaneity injuries, making scrapes and accidents the most significant risk to your wellbeing. You see no need to look before you leap, but if you aren't careful, you might fall down the craggy mountainside.

Professionally this can be quite challenging for you, and you may struggle with underestimating your own abilities. A wounded lion with a delicate ego is a pitiful creature indeed. Try to remember that you are more than your limitations. Read more Leo Monthly Prediction


Some may say that you can be a little picky or too critical, but actually, you are immensely practical and have an incredible understanding of what you want from a partner and from life in general. You may lack a little confidence, which can alter your sense of pursuit, but mentally the desires and goals are well-formed. Although you occasionally need to curb a tendency towards perfectionism, your high standards are not something that needs to be deterred because they are grounded in an earthy space. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, those of you who are single may find love, as well as a new job, career path, or business. This is a favorable and lucky period for you in which there is a lot to explore and indulge. Read more Virgo Monthly Prediction


As Venus moves into Pisces on the 14th of this month, you may find yourself experiencing a lack of self-confidence and lacking a fundamental sense of trust in yourself. There is also a sense that there are many challenges and difficulties presenting themselves to you and potential concerns about how best to rise beyond them, especially as you are not feeling so strong in yourself. Indecisive at the best of times, you may feel uncertain about the world at large and your place in it. Things feel unpredictable and unsettled. You also feel lethargic and unromantic, as though everything, you are just another mental or emotional tax. Read more Libra Monthly Prediction


Trust Scorpio to always find a way to magnetize others to them. It’s in the DNA. This month with Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, you’ll make a huge impact professionally, and your career may begin to skyrocket. There are a great deal of job opportunities on the horizon for you to consider, which brings a sense of both excitement and comfort. How rare to find these two emotions together! You may also find yourself entering into a new relationship or falling in love. In love, you are much like an ocean, and you want to learn as much as possible about the object of your affections. There is so much in you to share; try to be generous with it rather than withholding. Read more Scorpio Monthly Prediction


You have an innate understanding that life will give you good things, and this month you certainly get what you want as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th. This is a great time to dig deep into what you want; really let your wildest dreams run free. Don’t impose any restrictions or constraints, for spirit wants to bring you all the best. This will put you in touch with all the opportunities that you secretly long for but may repress. This is also an excellent time for pursuing an education, and you’ll have the discipline to do well. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, and you may find yourself worrying about something beyond your control. Sharing the problem with another can half it and certainly bring you some much-needed relief so think about someone trusted in your circle and how they can assist you. Read more Sagittarius Monthly Prediction


Ruled by Saturn, you are strongly influenced by a sense of duty, responsibility, and obligation. This can make you incredibly hard on yourself and sometimes a little inflexible, like an immovable boulder. But it can also bring you a calm and sober sense of realism that ensures that you can be counted on in a crisis. For this reason, you often gravitate to careers or situations that would cause others to balk in fear. There’s a subconscious need to test yourself as if you realize that this is the only way to evolve. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, you become all the more active in performing your duties. Read more Capricorn Monthly Prediction.

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This month as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you enjoy the finances to purchase pretty much anything you please, but a big-ticket purchase such as a home or car is most likely as you’ll be keen to secure your future in some way. You also may gain financial wealth from unexpected sources, including inheritance. On the 11th, with Mercury moving into your own sign of Aquarius, you may struggle with the inability to concentrate, especially at work. Financially you need to keep a check on how things are going consistently. Your personal life will be blissful and enjoyable, and you’ll want to spend a great deal of time together. Post 14th, you will see that the time fortifies you financially and flips the romance switch. Finding a compatible partner will be easier during this time, and the person could either be someone entirely new or a friend for whom romantic feelings have developed. The urge to explore and travel is strong, and you’ll feel frustrated that it may not be possible at this time. Read more Aquarius Monthly Prediction


As Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you’ll experience a newfound sense of warmth and healing in your romantic relationships. There’s also the opportunity for you to get more of all the good stuff in life, including an excellent education, wealth, and prosperous romantic life. This can feel a little dizzying to take in, but all the good things are destined to be yours. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which can cause property disputes and heighten debt. Resist the urge to bury your head in the sand and face any monetary issues as they arise before they can take root. It is also best for us to face our ‘monsters’ rather than allow them to frighten us. We’ll soon find they aren’t as scary as we think they are! Read more Pisces Monthly Prediction