Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for December 2019. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at

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Health can be an area of tension for many of us. This month it is a subject that is high on your radar. You may struggle to feel confident about many areas of your life and your love life and personal life may be sources of stress and anxiety rather than comfort. You must concentrate on self-care and self-love. Take time out to practice ease and gentleness with yourself. You are likely to have boundless enthusiasm for life. This makes you lucky and also causes you to focus on spiritual matters. It lends you a spark that helps you to get noticed by others, which can lead to intriguing opportunities. You may speak too soon and hurt someone’s feelings. You’ll want to avoid this so make sure that you evade misunderstandings and conflict by speaking clearly and with compassion. Sometimes what we don’t say is more important that what we do and there is a distinction between being right and being kind, which must be remembered. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can bring up simmering tension. Try to relax and let things be. There is no need to cling. Can you simply let go? On Christmas Day, Mercury moves into Sagittarius which helps you to feel that life is an adventure with no boundaries. The opportunities can present endlessly. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn, and there are plenty of opportunities to start fresh, especially at work. Love may be the area where things begin to happen for you. The presence of Mars in Scorpio towards the end of the month can bring a better income and a personal life that positively sings.


Relationships are a place that draws out our deepest desires and insecurities. The relationships we choose reflect what we believe we are worth, and this can be a powerful and transformative mirror and catalyst for change. This week your relationships may be reflecting things that you aren’t comfortable to look at, but if you can muster the courage to, you’ll learn more about yourself than you thought possible. In the second quarter of the month, you may find yourself in a state of low energy physically and mentally. It can be hard to get going and you can feel sluggish, lazy and weak. Problems may arise that need to be tackled but things will soften as the month draws to a close so see this as an opportunity to get things done. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which continues to draw out any problems or poison in your love life. This may feel challenging but on the other side you’ll find the change you seek, and things can improve for the better. Have faith in the process. On Christmas Day, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your energy levels may still be lacking – financially you need to be mindful of unnecessary spending. Think wisely about your economic situation. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which brings an influx of luck, friendship, romance and better finances. This is a time where things begin to turn. If you can conserve your energy for this period, you’ll notice that things are always changing. Mars in Scorpio is a brilliant placement for career and helps you tackle the things that need to be done. Scorpio is brave, fearless and dives in deep. You’ll certainly incite change for the better if you can harness this power.


The trajectory of your career is good. You are flourishing. A cerebral creature, development is important to you. You like to feel that things are moving and shaking. If you are not growing, you can begin to feel stuck, unhappy and even bitter. So, it is ideal that your career is going in a positive direction and you can use your brain in the right places. More than most Gemini natives have a real need for a career or meaningful work as you derive a sense of purpose from this. This month will give your health a beautiful boost. You are susceptible to illnesses triggered by nervous energy, so if you can manage your mind, your natural constitution is fairly tough. As Gemini rules the lungs, there can be issues around allergies and smoking should be avoided at all costs. Being in areas of natural beauty can assist in recalibrating you and this should be done often as your energy, ruled by Mercury, can be so fast and frantic. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which keeps love entertaining and impactful. In love, you can be light and playful, but Scorpio might add a little weight and intensity to proceedings. You might find your head spinning over someone. On Christmas Day, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your confidence begins to build beautifully. You can be very susceptible to the moods and energy of others so you must take care to guard yourself against those who may have darker or low energy so that it doesn’t destroy your day. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which can bring minor health issues such as coughs and colds so do take the time to monitor and check in on your health needs. Mars in Scorpio can make you feel lazy and inactive. You may have a desire to hibernate. There is nothing wrong with that if that’s what you feel you must do. You will feel replenished again soon.


Change is afoot and you are prepared to embrace it. It can take a while for you to get moving as you are inspired by your emotions and motivated by nostalgia and sentimentality. Once you do get moving, and once your emotions are engaged, you are a powerful force in the world. There is no need to rush yourself as things happen in their own time for you and the difference is startling. You move to the beat of your drum and that should not be deterred. The second quarter of the month can bring plenty of professional relief. Deadlines may ease up, problems with colleagues may be mitigated and you may find yourself feeling more engaged in the workplace. There is also plenty of harmony in your love life, which means a lot to you, as you aren’t one for drama. You prize security. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which helps you become magnetic and recognisable. This is a wonderful time for recognition and for making changes and moves. Your love life is flourishing. On Christmas Day, Mercury moves into Sagittarius which can bring adventure, joy and fun to the love life of single Cancer natives. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn and you may find yourself feeling clogged and confused. It can be hard to find clarity. There may be challenges and tensions around big areas that feel important and significant, and frustrations may emerge that can feel hard to manage. With Mars in Scorpio, you have the strength to tackle what you need to. You are tenacious at the best of times but now this is extra apparent. Don’t underestimate your quiet power.


Once you get a bee in your bonnet, you have to let it out. This is how it feels when you get a good idea – you need to share it with others so that it can become something real. If you do feel stuck in any area, the help of a trusted ally will most certainly come to save the day. Do not be proud to accept advice as we all need the assistance of others to truly get to where we need to go in this world. As the saying goes, no man is an island. This month gives you the follow-through to complete tasks as needed joyfully. Love and health are areas where you will excel and you will be able to remain strong, calm and composed. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which helps you develop a certain gusto and clout around your ideas. You’ll be comfortable asserting yourself and speaking up and you’ll be able to delve into difficult or taboo topics. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn and you are engaged to be cautious at work and with your finances. It can be very easy for you to spend on big, bold fun rather than to build for the future unless you can get yourself into the right mindset, which is what we invite you to do this month! With Mars in Scorpio, there is the potential for change. Scorpio is the sign of transformation after all. Your hard work will pay off. Think about what needs to be different and understand that you can make this be.

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Ruled by Mercury, travel and a fundamental need for speed is part of your blood and bones. You like a certain amount of zoom in life. The cerebral nature of Mercury suggests that this speed takes place largely in the mind. You are a thinker, philosopher and analyser. This can mean that you bog yourself down in the little details and fail to get a perspective of the larger picture. But there is certainly a place for the little details, and this is where you shine. Whether it’s the travel of the intellectual variety or in a very physical sense, one thing is certain: you’ll get moving. Your career will run smoothly and efficiently. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as you run your professional life like a well-oiled machine. There is no room for error, but you should allow yourself some. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can bring success and freedom via travel. There is also the potential for fame and notoriety. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which promises opportunity. Capricorn is the earthy sign of success and accomplishment and when two earth signs meet, moves will be made. It’s impossible for this not to happen. Earth grounds earth and enables things to move. Think about a monsoon or thunderstorm – the earth is a very dramatic element indeed! With Mars in Scorpio, you will be lucky and self-confident. This is a good period for you to jump into life with abandon. Go and live dear Virgo, there is so much out there waiting for you.


This is a financially sound period for you. You have managed to stabilise yourself economically. You will gain money from many unexpected sources. This is a time of wonderful health and enjoyment as you spend time with your loved ones. At work, you perform powerfully and manage to excel. Your natural charisma and preference for justice and equality ensure that people respond well to you. Your desire for adventure and movement will be strong. There is an undercurrent of confusion and as such, it is better that you avoid making life-changing decisions at this time, or if you must, consult the advice of an expert who can guide you. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can bring intensity to your character. Scorpio is passionate, even obsessive and you may find yourself developing a strong interest in a particular hobby or area of life. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which makes your home and material wealth a priority. In particular, you will want to create a mood, tone or ambience that resonates well with you. This can involve buying new furniture or objects to make your house feel like a home. You have a good eye for fashion and style so your home will probably be unique to you. With Mars in Scorpio, you need to be mindful of your health. Scorpio can show us our underbelly and where our wounds lie, across all areas, so listen to what this placement has to tell you. The power is yours. Try to avoid the desire for a quick quarrel. There is no satisfaction to be found here.


You gain a lot of self-esteem and momentum from losing yourself in something. Your passionate nature needs an outlet, and opposite to Gemini energy, which likes to spread its tendrils far and wide, you like to do a deep dive into the subject that rouses your interest. What do you dedicate to this week? How is your intensity expressing yourself? If the area is a positive one, then progress will certainly be made. If the area is a negative one, then self-destruction is possible. Be very cautious of choosing the right way, of feeding the right wolf. This is how you will grow. This month lightens you up considerably whilst rewarding you financially (Sagittarius rules luck and tends to be very lucky financially.) You will be magnetic causing others to gravitate towards you. In both love and health, you prosper. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which helps you to express your passion verbally. Others sense and feel your palpable desire for forwarding motion, you need to achieve and your intuition and integrity. There is a sense of there being many levels to who you are as a person. No-one could deny quite how impactful you can be, whether it’s first meeting or a fifteenth. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn. This placement invites you to control your temper, especially in relationships where you may feel more comfortable or entitled to let loose. Your mood may be fixed, and you may be prone to highs and lows that continue to fluctuate. Trying to balance yourself and your life is key. Mars in Scorpio can trigger romantic disturbances. You may dislike that you and your partner disagree or have differences, wishing you could be exactly alike. Try to give your partner space and understand that they are a fit for you because of their differences, which may balance or `complete’ you in some way.


Fire signs are the very embodiment of self-confidence. Fire is confidence. Think about the flickering light of a candle, or the steady flames of a fire. The heat and warm and others gravitate to them due to their very nature. When a fire sign is feeling less fiery, it may tend to go inward and detach, or it may seek out the fire in others to help restore its lack. It’s important this week that you have some faith in yourself. It’s okay not to feel like yourself for a little while. You will get your groove back, but it can’t be forced. Your disposition is sunny and cheerful, and you will always get back to this again. This month you begin to emanate positive thoughts. This is the key to your happiness: your ability to find a happy thought. We are our thoughts and if you can develop and deepen this idea, improvements will be made. Your change in attitude will impress others which feeds your confidence. Didn’t we tell you it would come back? On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which brings intensity, magnetism and focuses to all areas of your life. You may feel clarity in areas where before you were muddled. This helps you to get to where you both need and want to be. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which fosters respect, support and protection, especially from your partner. Capricorn likes to do things the right way, and it believes in tradition and structure. This energy helps you organise yourself and push forward with some momentum in a meaningful way that can be life-changing. Mars in Scorpio is an intense placement which can bring up some big fish. Ultimately whatever else may go on, your personal life is a place of relief and should be enjoyed.


You pride and value honesty above most things, although your expression of your truthful thoughts can be delivered in a sober and accidentally hurtful manner. Honesty in relationships is crucial as it builds trust and intimacy. You are a good catch for precisely this reason. You appreciate integrity and authenticity and you draw partners who admire these traits and qualities. You likely feel respected in love. Your willpower will be lower than usual this month. Sagittarius likes to play as much as you like to work and is silly where you are serious. This is a departure from your usual state of operations. Your confidence may not be as high as usual. There may be some struggles in your personal life, but you will deal with these respectfully and calmly in your typical collected fashion. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which brings a surge of money and some good karma too. Something good that you’ve done in the past will come back to benefit you. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which helps you to make new friends quickly. People instantly connect to how trustworthy and admirable you are. You are a pillar of any community. You keep things standing and people come to you for guidance. There is a leader inside you that you can access as long as you give yourself credit. Your self-worth can sometimes be low, but this is a lie because you have so much value, even if you cannot always see it. Mars in Scorpio brings plenty of positivity your way and can bring fame. Inside you, there is the potential for a politician – you have the strength and sturdiness to draw a crowd. If married or a family person, your spouse and children will bring you immense joy and pride. You feel fulfilled.


This is a favourable period for you, especially at work. You are driven but in an aloof and detached way. This creates an interesting flavour to you that is intriguing to others. Wouldn’t you agree that you can be hard to figure out? At best you are unflustered, at worst you can be a little cold. Practice showing some of your zaniness and warmth. In a dilemma, you are the one people want around because you can show a steely cool that helps others understand that there is nothing to worry about. People like being around this energy when chaos is going on all around. Your confidence levels reach a peak and continue to rise. This is a wonderful time for all things. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which helps you to express yourself authentically and powerfully. You may even be considered intimidating to others. This can be good if you need to stick up for an underdog – something that you absolutely love to do. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn and you may find yourself spending more than you need to due to travel. Is it travel for work or travel for play? Can you cut back in some other area? Money is flowing in but saving might be difficult. Think if you can tighten things up in any area, or if you can accept that this month may not be a savings month for you. Mars in Scorpio may lead to some concerns about family, but your support network will rise around you. You will be surprised at the number of people ready to show you love and support. You are feeling very romantic and loving and you are ready to share this with the world.


Luck is something you believe in. You feel you make your own luck. Relationships tend to be a beautiful and prioritised area of your life because you are an emotional and sensitive being who craves intimacy and closeness. You bring magic, peace, serenity and an ethereal sense of wonder to relationships. Being with you can feel like being with a pixie or sprite. You’ve always had an out of this world quality, and when you embrace it, your life fills with poetry and spirituality and your path becomes truly lovely in ways that are hard to explain but easy to feel. At this time, even your enemies would be captivated by you and run to your side. Now that’s true power! Your career is doing marvellously. You may also be in the process of securing a new role and there are many opportunities. Your confidence and health are high, and you feel content and peaceful. Don’t confuse this with boredom – enjoy it and be grateful for it! On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you are not afraid to show your intensity and your depth of devotion. With boundaries and with self-love, this is wonderful but do be wary of exploitation, of `wasting’ this power on the wrong people (those who are dangerous or narcissistic with poor intentions.) On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn and you will be active in society and very popular especially amongst the elders. You will largely live life and your energy will be felt far and wide. Mars in Scorpio makes you proactive and very in touch with yourself. It also gives you the confidence and power to cut and thrust into the world, which sometimes you need to get going. Take care of your right shoulder. Remember, life is good.

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