Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2020
Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for April 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at
On the 7th, Mercury moves into Pisces which can trigger the desire for overseas travel. There may be a sense of melancholy in your personal life which can be troublesome. You may reflect on the past and consider `what if’s’ which can lead to you feeling uncomfortable. Romantically you will bring serenity and fire to any match. This is also a good time to have an overall health check-up. Your rambunctious nature can lead to cuts, scrapes and minor injuries. You may lack confidence in yourself.
This month you will get a much-needed boost to your will power, confidence and inner strength. This gives you the necessary push to do the things you need to do. The influence of the sun is at its peak meaning that you will feel strengthened and fortified – there is a sense of power and enthusiasm. All the best as your Aries nature will burst forth from your core. Your true nature is exposed. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which can lead you away from the spiritual path but intensify your interest in music which can be a very special language. When there are no words, music can speak to us in a way that touches our hearts. This can be a very useful method for you to express yourself.
During this unpredictable month of crisis, the stars advise you to make health and wellness your priority. Ensure you take all the necessary measures to shield yourself from any disease.
You enjoy a satisfying financial period and a thriving love life which is both excellent and harmonious. This is also a prosperous period for students who may explore overseas to further their studies. Love is very important to Taurus natives who enjoy peace and stability in all they do. This is very attractive to partners who appreciate how much you value romance and relationships. You will find yourself supported by your loved ones. You must avoid any unnecessary expenses and take care of your health. Minor ailments may impact you, including the eyes so make sure to prioritise your wellbeing.
Full attention towards your health is demanded by your horoscope. Keep your stubbornness aside and find best ways to keep your family healthy and safe.
With Mercury moving into Aries on the 2nd, you may lose money unexpectedly and mentally you may feel somewhat delicate and vulnerable. This is a good time to prioritise your mental and emotional wellbeing by implementing small actions that make you feel better; these will be utterly unique to you. Meditation will be a useful tool especially if you can establish a consistent practice. Your mind is typically well calibrated, so do not be deterred to experience more difficulties than usual, this too shall pass.
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With Mercury moving into Pisces on the 7th, you will enjoy a professionally good period with the opportunity for a promotion or increment on the cards later in the month. There may be some who, out of envy, wish to defame your character and tarnish your professional image and reputation, but don’t fret, for they will fail. This month brings about an avalanche of internal confidence.
A confident Gemini is an unstoppable energetic force, able to beguile, enchant and persuade others to any cause. Your friends, family and colleagues will be supportive of all you do, although you will experience a rise in finances. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries where it can be gutsy, direct and forthright. You may end up meeting a celebrity or someone influential or powerful. Of course, your natural charm can win anyone over even if you feel intimidated by their presence. This is a favourable period for you in which you have the extra drive and clout to get things done. You are certainly more enigmatic, intense and courageous and if there is a challenge, you will be more than ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.
Give all your attention to mental and physical well-being, it is the need of the hour. Opt for all measures to keep yourself safe and secure.
With Mercury moving into Pisces on the 7th, life may throw curveballs and obstacles your way which can feel challenging and frustrating. As a result, you may feel less active socially and not want to be in the company of others, there is an urge to retreat and withdraw to establish true healing.
While at home, evolve mentally and physically to fight back the pandemic that has hit the world. You may not be overly lucky and your health may suffer slightly due to mental and emotional exhaustion or anxiety. There could also be some disturbances in your personal life. All of these issues are interconnected and stem from a need to reconnect with yourself.
You will impress others at work which can catapult you to the giddy heights of success. Once you have a taste, you’ll understand how far your potential can take you, if only you use your emotions as a source of great power. They can propel you onward when you can use them adequately. With Mercury in Aries on the 25th, you will be galvanised to take action and try something new. If unemployed, you will take steps to find a great and fulfilling job, hopefully, one where your emotions can be engaged, for when they are you become an unstoppable force.
As Mercury moves into Pisces on the 7th, you will receive monetary profit from an unexpected source later in the month. At work, you will be performing at your very best pace and find it easy to achieve the success that you aspire to. If you can keep this up with consistency and discipline, you will truly reap the rewards of your actions.
You will enjoy a very favourable and exciting period where all that you desire floods you. This might even feel overwhelming, as much as it’s desirable! Your interest in the spiritual realm is heightened and keen – you need to feel a connection to your spiritual self to more deeply commune with others around you and to understand your own needs.
On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which promotes financial strength for the entirety of the month. You may find that someone new, exciting and intense enters your world and you will be prepared to lavish them with attention, affection, generosity and loyalty. You are a truly great catch and anyone would be lucky to have you, but it’s also important that you recognise the values and benefits of your partner too. They also require your admiration.
Health should be taken seriously and one should ensure to do everything to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.
Mercury moves into Pisces on the 7th which can add challenges and curveballs to those of you dealing with the government or with legal matters. You may find that not all results and outcomes go in your favour. In business, you may face a loss. You need to be mindful of your health, especially your heart.
Amidst this serious time, follow all the rules which guide you towards taking care of yourself and also stay at home to be safe.
Your self-esteem may flounder and fluctuate which can be a dampener on your pursuit of happiness. Without healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of self, it can be difficult to go after what we want in any meaningful way. In some sense, we feel that we do not deserve it perhaps or can’t afford the emotional energy to make it a reality.
On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which requires you to concentrate more, change your working environment and keep tabs on your professional output. You’ll find it hard to be mentally present. This could be anxiety talking so take some time to get back in the game and get the ball rolling. You are a moody individual meaning that you are subject to emotional and mental fluctuations. Try to establish a sense of consistency and clarity and you will go further than you could ever dream.
With Mercury in Pisces on the 7th, you will enjoy a period of great health and a very powerful financial situation, standing you in good stead for the forthcoming month. There will be a degree of unhealthy competition in the workplace but this will not affect you as it is fairly easy to ignore and you will be so focused on your own tasks. When one has such focus it is almost impossible to be sucked into petty games. This month can trigger frustrations and tensions between you and your life partner. This is distressing for you because you thrive on emotional harmony and your relationships reflect this. This tension can also permeate and negatively influence other areas of your life so make sure that you do not make or take any big professional decisions right now.
Mercury moves into Aries on the 25th and you will begin to see rapid improvements in your professional life. Women of this sign need to make sure that they prioritise their own needs for there may be disappointment and difficulty but nothing that you cannot survive.
Health is what you need to monitor constantly now. Do anything and everything to keep yourself protected, safe and healthy.
On the 7th, Mercury moves into Pisces which generates an unfavourable period for Scorpio natives and can trigger an unstable mind due to personal stress which is greatly impacting you. You may be stressing far too much when what you need to do is take action. If you are a parent, you may find a lot of anxiety around the wellbeing of your children.
Opt for measures to safeguard yourself from any kind of health problems along with family. You must open the lines of communication with them so that you can discuss the future in a more measured and relaxed manner. This may dispel some of the monsters that cloud your imagination.This month can bring about transformation and what seem to be sudden life-changing events.
Your personal and romantic life will be prosperous with an interesting push-pull dynamic. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which can be a beneficial period for those of you in ill health who need to take medications. This is a wonderful time to think about your own wellbeing and what you can do to fortify and strengthen yourself in every way and on every level.
The impact of Mercury in Pisces on the 7th brings you a very prosperous personal life and you will enjoy plenty of fun at home and with family and loved ones. You may gain from a previous property or investment. You may find that fame catapults its way into your life. You have a natural affinity for the stage and performance and you may gravitate towards the stage.
This is a place where you can play and express yourself fully. Children will also be a source of happy news and blessed tidings for you later in the month. Fate supports your hard work and this shows up in your professional life as you jump to high levels of success seemingly effortlessly and with ease.
On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which intensifies the possibility of fame but also helps others to appreciate and value your intelligence and sunny disposition. You may find yourself becoming a beacon of support and light to others who wish to follow your example. Becoming a role model in your community is very possible.
On the health front, you have been very cautious and you need to continue doing the same. Make sure you are safe and also keep your loved ones safe. This is the time to heal yourself both mentally and emotionally and contribute in fighting back this epidemic.
On the 7th April, Mercury enters Pisces and you should try to avoid conflicts with your family members. This is the time to keep a cool head. Amidst the world crisis. You may feel volatile and easily agitated and your boundaries may feel easy to permeate which can lead to some stormy inner feelings. You may encounter some financial loss but this shouldn’t overly impact your bank balance.
You will enjoy a wonderful professional and personal life – the best of both worlds in the later half of the month. Your personal life will be problem-free entirely. On the 25th, Mercury moves into rambunctious Aries which brings about the importance of friendship. Friends will swarm around you to protect and support you in all ways, like a squad of cheerleaders and relationships with your community will improve.
If you are looking to become a communal figurehead, now is the time to navigate and build connections with others. Ultimately this is a wonderful time to tap into the very best of yourself and to use your skill set for the greater good. This is your calling and purpose.
Health needs your complete attention at this moment. Fighting against this calamity should be your foremost goal at present. Do everything to protect yourself and your family. Stay home & safe.
On the 7th, Mercury moves into Pisces and you will turn a profit especially in terms of cash or jewellery. If you are a student, you will also perform incredibly well. You need to use your excellent communication skills to excel further. This can benefit you in so many areas including presentations, writing a novel or delivering a speech. Whenever you use your voice or the power of the written word, you will move mountains.
This month leads you to be proactive and supportive of young ones who will also support you in turn. You have enthusiastic and powerful energy which really galvanises and motivates others, especially as you can appear so cool and calm.
On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries and you may wish to pursue a new educational avenue. You always need to be learning or growing in some way, whether it’s pushing yourself intellectually, practically or physically. This helps you to experience more, learn more and in turn, impart your wisdom to others. The constant need to keep moving and being are what drives you on – it is your quest.
Health can give you a tough time this month. So, you need to make sure that you opt for all kinds of necessary measures to fight this virus. Stay safe!
On the 7th April, Mercury moves into Pisces which can trigger a latent desire to explore what the world has to offer, which will naturally manifest as overseas travel. In your personal life, you may feel somewhat melancholy and low. Due to the situation on the world level due to the virus. Nostalgia may be a constant companion, or perhaps anxiety and fear of the future. Be aware of their presence but don’t let them shut you down. In terms of health, you should make sure that you visit a doctor so that emotional and mental wellbeing does not impact you physically along with the current deadly virus enveloping the world.
We store what we feel in our bodies which is why yoga can be a powerful tool to clear blockages. This month brings you to enjoy high levels of confidence and the drive to change your career, pursue romance or travel. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aries which strengthens your financial dealings. You will be full of excitement and your communicative abilities will do wonders both in love, at work and amongst friends. Never neglect your quiet ability to persuade.