‘You’re a monster’: Man faces netizens’ heat for slicing books in half to make them portable

Many asked why he simply didn't shift to ebooks instead of butchering the books.

There are many who like to carry long reads while travelling, however, that may not be an ideal option owing to its bulky nature. So, a Twitter user had an unusual solution—slicing the books in half. After one of his colleagues called him a 'book murderer', he decided to take others' opinions on Twitter but ended up receiving the wrath of many bookworms online.

Sharing photographic evidence of his act, Alex Christofi recently asked if anyone else uses this method to make it easier to carry heavy books. "I cut long books in half to make them more portable. Does anyone else do this? Is it just me?" the man asked in a tweet, that quickly went viral but for the wrong reasons.

His tweet:

The tweet irked many online, and even cops got involved! From publishing houses to book lovers, many shamed the man for cutting the books. A section of people wondered why he simply didn't move to ebooks or audio books to completely get rid of the hassle of carrying heavy books.

However, few supported him and shared what they did to books after reading them.

What do you think about his idea of making books portable?