Monorail rake rebuilt using indigenous parts commissioned

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Mumbai, Dec 16 (PTI) The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on Wednesday commissioned a monorail rake that has been rebuilt indigenously by sourcing spare parts from local vendors.

The MMRDA said it would commission one more monorail rake next week, which will take the frequency of trains to 18 minutes from the present 30 minutes.

MMRDA commissioner R A Rajeev showed green flag at Wadala monorail station to the rake known as RST-5 (Rolling Stock), rebuilt by spending around Rs 8 crore in which around 74 per cent the cost was saved.

'Monorail unit has rebuilt RST-05 using indigenous spare parts developed locally. Also, the price of spare parts was very less, which led to cost-saving upto 74 per cent as compared to the foreign vendors' cost,' he told reporters before the function.

He added that one more monorail rake (RST 04) will be commissioned within a week's time and frequency of trains will be 18 minutes.

According to the MMRDA, the delivery of the spare parts was affected due to the COVID-19 restrictions, which led to delay in rebuilding the monorail rakes.

India's only monorail started commercial operations between Jacob Circle to Wadala from March 4, 2019, though the passenger services on phase-1 corridor between Chembur and Wadala were launched from February 2014. On December 14, 2018, the MMRDA took over the systems and operations of Monorail.

The MMRDA release said the operator (consortium) was supposed to supply 15 Monorail RST, but it had supplied only 10. As the operator couldn't procure a single spare for maintenance purpose, it was managing services by cannibalising spares from unused RSTs.

Rajeev said they have planned to bring seven of the all 10 rakes in passenger service.

Of the remaining three rakes, one was burnt completely in the fire incident in November 2017, while other two cannibalized rakes are beyond repairs due to missing sphere parts. PTI KK NP NP