Monkey Fever in Karnataka: 2 Cases Confirmed

Monkey fever has returned to the state of Karnataka, with 2 confirmed cases reported of Kyasanur Forest Disease from the Shivamogga district, according the The News Minute.

Late 2018- early 2019 saw a major outbreak of the disease in the region.

The diagnosis of a 55 year old and and 18 year old was confirmed at the Virus Diagnostic Laboratory in Shivamogga. The two had reported symptoms of fever and dehydration.

The fever is common in summer months. The last outbreak took 18 lives, 12 of whom were from the Shivamogga district. A total of 441 people were affected before the outbreak was brought under control.

This time a large scale vaccination drive was carried out in the region as early as July.

The infection spreads through parasitic ticks and their bites as they move from monkeys to humans. Other ways in which it can spread include contact with sick/infected monkey.


The symptoms include high fever, chills, head ache, muscle pain, vomiting and abdominal pain. Much like dengue, it can eventually result in hemorrhage. People with low immunity are more vulnerable to it.

There is no antiviral medication available for it, the treatment simply includes supportive care. Since it’s an infection caused by ticks, insect repellants are also a good measure.

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(with inputs from The News Minute)

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