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Monkey Drinks Alcohol and Creates Ruckus in Bengaluru Bar (Video)

The monkey was a regular at the Diwakar Bar and Restaurant in Kammanahalli

Alcohol consumption beyond a limit always leads to problems and awkward situations. Umpteen number of Bollywood scenes revolve around the comedy and tragedy that follows after a hero or heroine get drunk. But in a bizarre incident in Bengaluru, it has become clear that alcohol has this effect on not just humans, but also monkeys! The incident occurred in a bar at Kammanahalli near Banaswadi. A monkey, who got a bit too high on alcohol, created a ruckus in Diwakar Bar and Restaurant in Kammanahalli. While some frightened customers left the bar, others tried to take the monkey away from the spot by luring with fruits.

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Reportedly, the monkey was a regular at the Diwakar Bar and Restaurant in Kammanahalli. It would often drink the remains from glasses around the bar and eat leftover food kept on the tables at the joint. But earlier this week, the monkey ended up having a large quantity of alcohol. Naturally, the poor thing got drunk! The ape then began chasing men in the bar. Sensing trouble, a few of the customers left the bar. At the same time, some animal lovers came forward to help the ape. They tried to take the monkey away from the spot by offering fruits and soft drinks. A video of the incident has been shared online.

Watch video of the monkey in the Bengaluru bar here:

It is not clear whether this was accidental or a planned prank by some mischief-makers. Banaswadi cops said that they have not received any complaint about this yet. Turns out that by midnight, the monkey got tired and was then caught by an auto driver. In the past, several animals have been reported to have got drunk on alcohol, making it clear that the drink has a similar effect on them too.