Momar Sakanoko former Professional basketball player sets huge goals for himself by creating the be great company

Brand Voice
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Momar Sakanoko officially announced his retirement from his professional basketball career.

Something no one expected as Momar was one of the best prospects coming out of France. Nba scouts and Gm’s started to approach the french basketball star during his successful season in argentina, with the club of bahia basket.

Momar’s career has come to an end, but his future is bright. He is now using his status to help young talents realize their goals.

Building the Be Great Company was Momar’s dream, and he is now ready to turn this dream into reality.

The Be Great Company is a worldwide full services company working with some of the best talents and some of the most iconic brands around the world.

The company offers many different services starting with talent management, contract negotiation, marketing, film production, music publishing, branding, entertainment and more.

Momar has brought with him all kinds of experts, some of the top sports agents, scouts, managers, lawyers and business consultants to take the company to the next level.

He wants to make the company the best in the business and help as many people he can by helping them realize their dreams.

The fact that Momar has been a part of the Professional environment is making him a valuable source.

But his vision and desire to succeed is what really makes the difference. When we asked him what separates you from the other companies, he said, “Everything, our way to work is different, the ambition, the vision, how much we put in work and care about each one of our clients, i just feel like no one on earth does that”.

Momar is really confident when it comes to his future and it seems like the Be Great Company is soon going to be the best agency in the world.

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