In Mohali, people complain of faulty arrangements during lockdown

Jagdeep Singh Deep
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Distribution of food packets by Panchkula administration on Wednesday. Express

THE PLAN of the district administration to ensure home delivery of vegetables and milk went awry on Wednesday after people complained of not getting the essentials. The telephone numbers issued by the district administration were either switched off or calls were not answered.

The district administration, however, said that all the arrangements would be in place and the people will not face any kind of problems in the coming days.

Captain Surjeet Singh (retd), a Phase XI resident, told Chandigarh Newsline that he made several calls on the numbers which were issued by the district administration but they did not get any supply of milk.

“We could not go out and there was no door-to-door supply. People kept calling the numbers but to no avail,” he added.

Ranjeet Kaur, a Phase V resident, said that some vegetable vendors had come to their locality and were selling the vegetables at very high rates but people had to buy as they did not have any option.

“They sold tomatoes for Rs 80 per kg, onions for Rs 80 per kg, potatoes for Rs 50 per kg. The rates were doubled as compared to the normal rates, people had to buy. The supply was also lesser as compared to the demand. So people buy lesser vegetables,” Ranjeet Kaur said.

Amarjeet Kumar, a fruit vendor from Burail, told Chandigarh Newsline that he was selling bananas throughout the day for Rs 60 per dozen.

Asked about the high rates, he said that they had to pay more, so they hiked the rates as well. “I made three rounds to the localities bordering Chandigarh. Police did not stop me on either side. I sold more than 30 dozens of banana in single day and people were still demanding more,” he added.

When checked, several phone numbers mentioned on the list released by the district administration were switched off.

People also thronged Verka plant in the morning to buy milk and faced problems.

Mohali Deputy Commissioner Girish Dayalan said that there were problems on Wednesday but they had sorted out the issues and keeping in touch with the vendors. He added that the supplies would be normal.

Meanwhile, the district administration said that the vegetables and milk would be supplied from 6 am to 9 am while the grocery and chemist shops would remain open from 8 am to 11 pm.

The district administration also released a list of chemist shop owners and grocery stores at Kharar, Mohali and Derabassi on Wednesday.