‘Mogul’ First Look: Akshay Kumar As Emperor of Music Gulshan Kumar

Akshay Kumar shares the first look of his upcoming film, Mogul. 

Akshay Kumar released the first look of Gulshan Kumar’s biopic. The film which has been titled, Mogul is directed by Subhash Kapoor of Jolly LLB fame and produced by Sudesh Kumari, who is Gulshan Kumar’’s wife.

Gulshan Kumar is the man behind music label, T-Series.

Gulshan Kumar had an interesting career graph. The son of a fruit seller, he switched career paths when his family acquired a cassette shop, which inadvertently changed his life.

Kumar, known to be a religious man, was shot dead outside a temple in 1997. His rival, Nadeem of the Nadeem-Shravan duo was accused of the murder. But Vinod Jagtap (known as Raja) confessed to being the murderer in 2001. The judge, M L Tahilyani gave Raja life imprisonment because they couldn’t prove that he was the contract killer.

Mogul will release in 2018.