'Modi tries to divide everything between Hindus and Muslims': Digvijay Singh

Pune, July 19 (ANI): Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Friday charged Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of constantly endeavouring to divide the Hindu-Muslim communal harmony in the country.

"Narendra Modi tries to divide everything between Hindus and Muslims. He could have spoken on donning sheathe of secularism but he talked about wearing a veil of secularism. Therefore it was a religious remark made by him," he told the media here.

Digvijay Singh said it is the communal Hindu and communal Muslim ideology only which creates Hindu Muslims riots in this country.

"The Congress Party has always fought against this ideology of fundamentalism. Before the independence also, the Congress used to counter both the Muslim League as well as the ultra-Hindu factions. It was this very fanatic Hindu group who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. We have always fought against that sort of communal ideology and will continue to do so," he added.

Modi earlier on July 14 charged the ruling Congress Party with wearing the 'burqa (veil) of secularism' and 'hiding in a bunker' each time it is confronted with a crisis.

Addressing a public meeting in Pune, Modi also attacked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the issue of his party's 'failure' to eradicate poverty and alleged that it was raising the bogey of 'threat to secularism' to throttle people's aspirations. (ANI)